Jay Duggan January 12, 2021

Governor Walz declared Tuesday in a press conference he would be deploying National Guard troops to protect the state capitol complex from “armed threats against the peaceful transfer of power” for the next week.

What is this dire threat requiring a company or more of soldiers? in addition to the dozens of State Troopers and existing fencing controls? The Star Tribune reported the threat as an FBI threat warning to St Paul Police about intercepted ‘Boogaloo” info.

The FBI informed that 1 or 2 ‘Boogaloo” kooks (yes, the same guys that generally dislike Trump and want a civil war, want to help Hamas, and participated in the George Floyd riots) were reported to have scouted the capitol complex during a December rally gathering identifying law enforcement presence, sniper placement, and exit points. The Star Tribune reports the FBI got the info “from two ‘collaborative’ sources”, and that the two kooks were “not plotting an attack” and were only planning “should fighting occur Sunday” if initiated by SOMEBODY ELSE.

First, I have not heard of ANY conservative or constitutional organization in Minnesota planning an armed threatening Sunday protest at the Capitol to protest Walz or Biden. If it’s a real thing it’s the dumbest thing I have ever heard of. Groups protesting Governor Walz holding emergency powers without an emergency, or changing our election laws in court instead of the legislature, have all held old fashioned peaceful speeches and flag waving rallies on Saturdays at noon. The Strib article even said last Saturday’s protest was declared peaceful by participants and went off peaceful.

Second, this reads like a nut bragging tough in a chat room to an FBI monitor and talking real tough about what he would do IF SOMEBODY ELSE started a shitstorm. Best guess is an FBI chatroom monitor goaded the nutjob(s) into some fantasy talk.

My conclusion? Walz is attempting to smear all peaceful protesters and opponents against his dictatorial retention of emergency powers long after any semblance of an “emergency” has passed. as violent insurrectionists. In order to give peaceful protest against his governance the taint of criminality Walz is using chat room braggadocio heard by an FBI informant to call out National Guard troops. Walz down played and justified the violent arson, vandalism, and police officer injury by ANTIFA and BLM types all summer, and even accused the entire state of “foundational racism” to excuse the violence and attempt passing the mob’s crazy demands of socialist redistribution and law enforcement punishment. But one chat room rumor of people willing to shoot back if shot at has National Guard troops on the Capitol lawn and him smearing all protesters against him as subversives.

The Minnesota DFL is also diligently trying to reinforce the false narrative on purpose by demanding “investigation” of state representatives that attended the peaceful Wednesday state capitol speech and sign waving rally that had nothing to do with “boogaloo” people or the disgusting DC Capitol Building riot.

Read the entire Star Tribune article HERE

Rep. Jeremy Munson’s reply to the accusation his peaceful rally attendance was to ‘incite violence” is HERE.

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  2. Gotta click the Jeremy Munson link. Says everything you need to know about DFL intentions in one video clip. Walz is sad and pathetic when his best way to stay in power is by calling ppl participating peacefully in the political process terrorists, while excusing definition terrorism from his own endorsed party members.

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