Jay Duggan February 08, 2021

How insane is the Minneapolis DFL? A “Democratic Socialists of America” candidate, Robin Worlobah, is trying to “out crazy” Green Party member of Minneapolis City Council, Cam Gordon, for his job. Being a climate change cultist is no longer enough for the Minneapolis DFL, you have to be a full blown communist. Robin wants RENT CONTROL in Minneapolis, and is wanting to one up a similar proposal by Cam and two other city council members.

To get to the left of sitting councilman Cam Gordon, the George Floyd protest organizer decided it was time to have a Zoom community meeting on RENT CONTROL in Minneapolis and lay out a more comprehensive approach than earlier proposals. When not busy organizing riots and protests in Minneapolis Robin is a member of Minneapolis United for Rent Control (MURC) and she held the Zoom meeting with the other 3 primary leaders of that organization.

Their ideas are exactly what the socialist doctor ordered. Caps, controls, and a government board to enforce it all (all appointed DFL commies no doubt). Doesn’t matter that University of Minnesota economists have already testified that the policy won’t work, and would reduce housing quality and quantity. They plow ahead anyways. Robin and MURC have a whole slew of items they think should make up a rent control regime in Minneapolis and warned advocates to not be tricked by “carve out” requests of landlords, you know, for things like allowing landlords and property owners TO MAKE A PROFIT. Can’t let the people that own the property to allow for enough rent increases that they can make a profit. LOL!

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Straight from the MURC Facebook page`

Feeling the heat Cam Gordon and other city council members, like Lisa Bender, have flipped on previous positions against rent increases to cover their left flank. Instead of focusing on boosting Section 8 payments and reducing permit, licensing, and 7+% annual property tax increases to landlords, the city council will likely seek to put rent control on the city ballot this fall. That vote would allow the council to craft a rent control bill that should go back before voters for approval.

As Rocks and Cows we could really care less if Minneapolis paints every rental unit in Minneapolis purple and forced landlords to charge $1 per month under penalty of jail. They likely voted for, or donated, to the kooks that are going to do it to them. The real lesson is for the people in Detroit Lakes, because this is Paul Marquart’s DFL. The property owners in Virginia and Eveleth should ask Dave Lislegard if he would vote for crap like this if he needs Mpls DFL money to get reelected. Hibbing is down with Julie backing communists in Mpls? Winona is gonna just love Gene Pelowski when he has to support kook stuff like this to retain his Winona State activist and staff support. I’ve heard of a big tent, but communists trying to outflank Greenies on the left? Must be a reaaaaaally big tent. WATCH OUT ROCKS AND COWS. CRAZY ONLY STARTS IN MINNEAPOLIS. THE MPLS DFL MAKES SURE WE ALL GET THE CRAZY SOONER OR LATER.

And you thought the forced electric car mandate was nuts? We are only scratching the surface Rocks and Cows, AND WHILE WALZ JUST JAMS IT ALL THRU WITH REGULATORY ACTION PAUL GAZELKA DOESNT HAVE A PLAN TO STOP ANY OF IT.

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Doesn’t everybody need a flag that says “Kiss off Walz” in country-speak? Looks good on my Ice Castle!

  1. How can people let these fools dictate policies when they have no experience whatsoever in this and they are just interested in advancing their own perverted ideals.

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