Jay Duggan March 18, 2021

Donald Trump poked the bear. He said what we had all started to figure out, but he put it clearly. The “swamp” (what we used to call the uni-party) is the partnership of giant permanent government class of both parties and business that has decided that the needs of the people are secondary. Trump pointed out global wars in who gives a shit places are about economic interests that have nothing to do with freedom or protecting America, but a lot to do with protecting pocketbooks in Wall Street, London, and Hong Kong financial centers. Trump told us the swamp thought immigration rules and borders are an inconvenience to either collecting new voters for the left, or to obtaining cheap labor for corporate interests so they don’t have to pay better wages for work that must be done in America. Free trade with countries that don’t have free economies was an excuse to ship factories and jobs away to get products made cheaper and sell them back here in America and increase their profits. The race debate and culture wars are embraced more and more by the leftist machine and their corporate partners to keep us busy arguing and hating to not notice that 75% of every government dollar goes to them.

Trump had the best message and spoke simple truths. He also had a weakness, his vanity of persona. The Trump name was built on him and him alone. He got the full swamp rope-a-dope. The left side of the swamp attacked his character, name, and value with invented charges to divert him from dismantling the crooked system and the swamp right told him they would stick with him to fight the lies only if he would take it easy on breaking the old insider graft system. Both sides insured he wasn’t able to make many permanent changes in law and Trump had to do all his work with a signature thru Executive Orders that are now being undone by Joe Biden in just weeks. An epic partnership of big business, the richest people in the world, labor unions, social activists, and insiders from both political parties all tag teamed to change the rules and take an election to send him packing. The swamp went to all the effort to unify and attack him to protect the “go along to get along” insider system. One last shot at controlling the flow of government billions and government actions to benefit the insiders and billionaires. What’s left is the basic ideas that Trump compiled. Freedom and the US Constitution works, borders work, less government works, election integrity is important, a country that makes things controls its own destiny, and that the government shouldn’t be doing anything if they cant describe in a few sentences how it benefits the American people. America First. Us First. Freedom First.

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(It all starts with us)


The establishment parties, including the Republican Party, will tell you what you want to hear but they are not going to implement the prime ideals and policy if they conflict with the insider game or the path of least resistance to reelection UNLESS THEY DECIDE IT IS REQUIRED TO STAY IN POWER. WE need to be heard and listened to. Another lesson of the Trump years is that one man cannot fight alone for those principles if the people don’t hold the entire system accountable. The Democrats are going so far left that the Republicans do not believe we have an alternative and too often they will do the bare minimum in order to get reelected. We are taken for granted and often ignored while they go about pandering to uninformed independents that likely won’t vote for them in significant numbers. We have to be organized in numbers and cohesive strength of message so the politicians fear replacement and implement what they promise even when politically difficult. We have to do it ourselves. We have to be in numbers. We have to deliver support and opposition effectively ourselves to get results.


Locally. All politics is local. All candidates start local. All action starts locally, and it is the easiest way to gather a group of like minded people and to put their resources into action to have an influence. What good is it to demand from our state or national parties to send decisions and spending to the local level away from corruptible centralized government if you do not have control of the local government? Or know who is in the local government?

A simple local chapter/club/group can have an impact by accumulating simple information about local government so members can understand which officeholders support us, which ones don’t, were effort can make an impact. Supporting and demanding results from people on your school board, county board, city council, county attorney, and Sheriff office holders can only be done if you first know who they are and where they stand.


Meet at least once a month, or every two weeks, and intially map out who all the office holders are within your voting district or the region from which you choose to draw your membership (county, city, state house or senate district?)

Draw out the agenda you want to see your office holders implement – election integrity, smaller, less regulatory, and efficient govt, traditional values, a free capitalist society, and freedoms as designed by our US Constitution.

Ask the like minded officeholders to come speak with your group. Support those that support us. Find candidates or support new candidates to fill those positions that do not support a freedom agenda. Be aware of what the local govt bodies (city, county, school board, etc) are doing and when people need to show up to influence decisions like CRT in schools, tax hikes, defunding police, 2A sanctuary resolutions, etc.

When you identify actions or issues that the group can take action on locally you will have a network of like minded politicians and you will have knowledge about who and where to apply pressure. You will have a group that can reach out to other groups when issues require more than local pressure.

Grow your group with fun activities that celebrate freedom and local government action. Potluck with speakers, a barn yard band and bbq, shooting at the outdoor range with a picnic. Invite anybody that enjoys fun and freedom. Use some of the proceeds from any ticket or entry or raffle fees you receive to: support the officeholders that support us, to support new candidates, support the group outreach or work, and local charity where needed. Charitable activities are also another free way to attract like minded people, support your friends and neighbors, and show everything is not about politics.

Delegate a specific person, or persons, to lead your group, to set a meeting agenda, find speakers, identify local office holders, go to local govt meetings, set agenda items for the group to vote on supporting, arrange the periodical event, membership growth, etc, etc


How likely would be that new white guilt social studies standards pass thru the MN Dept of Education if local groups got dozens or hundreds of school board members and all the state representatives to reject the changes on the record?

How can we complain about election integrity if we don’t even know who the County Auditor is and if he/she is doing a fair transparent job, know the rules on the local level, and if enough conservatives are monitoring or participating in the process? Can local knowledge learned be shared to other groups to effect transparency and more fairness in their area? Can enough conservatives be organized to properly monitor all aspects of local elections? I would say yes.

How can we rail about abuse of emergency powers if we don’t exert any influence on local government not to participate or push back. If you dont tell the politicians loudly enough what you what done they make their own priorities.

Why haven’t either the representative or senate full caucuses sued Walz to get their powers back? We haven’t made them. Why does Jan Malcom still have a job, or she and Walz not been investigated for sending untested inspectors or infected seniors into nursing homes? WHEN YOU EXERT LOCAL INFLUENCE TO ACCOMPLISH A GOAL THEN YOUR STATE REPRESENTATIVE OR SENATOR WILL PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY AND THESE THINGSWILL HAPPEN. Until then you are just 1 vote with no power.

Start a group, join a group, get help making a group effective, get help letting others know you have a group, get help connecting with other groups, etc.


You’re funny. If they did and did a good job we wouldn’t be having this discussion. Be aware and/or involved with your local Republican BPOU, and even aid or partner with them when you can. Being apart means the ability to hold current office holders accountable, still support them when they deserve it, and find the replacement for the machine pick when it is required. THE PARTY DOES NOT HOLD ITS PEOPLE ACCOUNTABLE. IT’S ONLY JOB SEEMS TO BE TO GET THEM ELECTED. Our job will be to get action.

Go to GET INVOLVED and we will help you do all of the above or direct you to others that help make it happen. Sign up. Volunteer to find or help with a group, Organizer to start a new group or help lead one started. Candidate if you want to find like minded people to get assistance, in addition to the party apparatus, to run for office.