Jay Duggan May 13. 2022

The Republican Party has a solid desire to replace Tyrant Tim Walz. Yet, until the declared “emergency” was over only 1 guy stood alone continuously against the COVID-excuse dictatorship in Minnesota and all of the overreach and social justice crazy that was manifested out of it and the riots Walz let run rampant.

One man running for Governor joined with others early in the “emergency” declaration to sue Walz with his own money to stop King Walz’s unconstitutional dictatorship of mandates and shutdowns. All the others were silent because the fear and public narrative were bigger than the courage to fight it. The MNGOP didnt sue to stop Walz. Neither did the Senate or House caucuses. Dr. Jensen did.

During the Walz “emergency” one candidate said: paper/cloth mask mandates were ineffective, doctors should be allowed to prescribe safe generics off label for early treatment, natural immunity was a vax substitute, the elderly should get priority of care vs a full public mandate, deaths reported as FROM covid were exaggerated with a bad financial incentive to encourage the exaggeration, vax mandates for healthy young people should be shelved to examine side effects and risk/benefit first, school closures would not provide a COVID benefit that outweighed the other long term consequences. He was attacked by the DFL and threatened with his license and livelihood FIVE TIMES, and even shunned by those in our own party afraid to confront the public pressure. Time and a constant stream of CDC produced revisions and data have proven all of these statements correct. Dr Jensen was right. Only Walz and Biden still think its a good idea to fire people for refusing an ineffective jab.

One candidate for Governor was willing to assist business shutdown resistors while it was happening and immediately willing to provide affidavits for their court cases, before the “emergency” was even over. Do we need reminders Paul Gazelka is on video promising to cut Ellison’s budget for business prosecutions before HE GAVE ELLISON A BIG FAT BUDGET RAISE TO FINISH THE JOB?

One candidate spoke against school shutdowns, mandatory masking of young children, and against the mandates and political agendas in schools over 8 months before a Glen Younkin win for Governor in Virginia. Months before Younkin made it cool to talk to parents and stand against Education MN and the teachers union bureaucrats driving the political crazy bus in education. Speaking from first hand knowledge Rocks & Cows begged other Republican prominent persons or electeds to help organize and motivate new parents and parent groups to further organize the revolution that was building amongst school parents. Many said no, some said maybe. We asked Dr Jensen ONCE, and if 10 parents would gather anywhere in the state and he was within a 2 hour drive he went. Not to campaign for Governor but tell them 3 things. You are not crazy and your demands are reasonable. You have the right to demand decisions that affect your children because the facts are on your side. If you don’t get organized and keep pushing they will ignore and outlast you. Dr. Jensen was already speaking to parent groups across the entire state about organizing to resist non-educational mandates and political agendas in schools before CRT controversy in Sartell and Lakeville went viral and attracted national attention and the party took notice at large.

One candidate, Dr Jensen, was first and loudest positing that Jan Malcolm be turned out for her poor unscientific recommendations and actions centered on failed mandates and protocols that harmed nursing homes, seniors, schools, and children more than they have helped.

Election Integrity? Unless somebody else has said Steve Simon should be legally investigated, and held accountable if justified, for unconstitutionally changing our election law and running a shoddy election process, I think it would be hard for another candidate to beat his enthusiasm to insure fair elections.

Finally we get to the 2A “RINO” attack. 3 years ago the gun banners turned out by the thousands in St Paul to lobby and get something changed after the Parkland school shooting. Typical MN Republican leadership strategy is to hunker down and do nothing until it blows over. Same strategy on gun rights. No votes there also guarantees nobody is mad you pushed more gun rights. All establishment talk and no action. Dr Jensen admitted to the Sartell parents “it was a rookie (Senator) mistake” to think you could really sign on to a DFL bill hoping to steer it by amendment to a compromise on VOLUNTARY background checks available at the police dept, or similar. The DFL went nuts because they dont want voluntary anything. The conservatives went nuts cuz we know voluntary anything eventually turns into the next mandatory something. EVERYBODY WAS PISSED OFF. He dropped the bill and the bill never turned up for a vote, telling an organized parent group meeting that he equated it with “touching the hot stove and getting burnt” and “lesson learned”. Violation of Establishment Rule #1 – Do nothing on guns and hunker down. The part of the “RINO” story never told is next. Dr Jensen, after getting burnt, goes to Senator Lang and signs on for a pro-gun rights bill and asks for a committee hearing and vote to further Castle Doctrine/Stand Your Ground style language amendments. Since you cant compromise and the conservatives are so mad at him they must be ready for a pro-gun bill. Guess what? Establishment Rule #1 kicked in again. Hunker down and do nothing on gun rights until the issue momentum blows over. Team Gazelka did not want a vote on that either. Dr. Jensen has had a pro-gun stance since the day he dropped any discussion on the bills that went nowhere, but we only hear the front end of the story cuz the second half of the story doesnt fit the charge. If that is the full substance of “RINO” and the accusation Dr Jensen has poor integrity and honesty carries weight after a year alone fighting the COVID dictatorship risking career, reputation, and business to fight for basic civil liberties and constitutional freedoms, then you cannot be convinced.

Standing on the same conviction for almost 2 years. Leading in the polls among Republicans that may face Walz. Having the far and away largest and deepest general public support. The largest committed volunteer base statewide. The most fundraising by donor number and amount raised. The national visibility to attract RGA, RNC, and conservative org support early enough to make a difference and get our race on the national radar. Dr. Scott Jensen can run a statewide campaign and win without the lame excuses of the past “that the party didnt give him enough support or money” because we believe he can do it himself if necessary and also use his campaign in coordination with the party and local candidates to be an asset lifting others to victory and making resources go further.

Full Disclosure – Rocks & Cows has a history with Dr. Scott Jensen as he assisted us with parent group organizing, done special deeds of charity assisting Rocks & Cows Country children and the ill without wanting recognition, made trips at our urging to speak for and with those fired over jab mandates, and provided document and publicity support to some businesses affected by the shutdowns and Walz-Malcolm lawsuits. It is because of these interactions we have bias, and also have no doubts about his sincerity and commitment to follow through on a statewide campaign that can win and then deliver on the promises made to us now.

There are several good candidates in the race for Republican Governor endorsement. Friends can disagree and some of us did. But among the group that makes Rocks & Cows work the vote was near unanimous that Dr Scott Jensen wins Rocks & Cows support to be our next governor candidate.