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The Rocks and Cows of this state are silent no more.

For far too long there has been a powerful segment of both major parties that has look at the area outside of Minneapolis/ St. Paul as nothing but Rocks and Cows. They have marginalized, taxed, and controlled us into despair, but now we have had enough. The Rocks and Cows are now mobilizing. Together we can take back our state and elect like minded responsible individuals to all levels of government. READ MORE

how we are fighting

We are working on turning Rocks and Cows into a true political organization that will survive and continue to fight, well past this upcoming election. We will be fighting for all of us in the outstate, or to us, the Greater State of Minnesota. Therefore we have filed to become a Political Hybrid PAC, that makes only independent expenditures. In this effort we will be able to work during the off election cycles to ensure:

  • That all elected officials, and their appointees, are working for us and not against our needs.
  • Those we helped into office do not forget who got them there.
  • That party systems, bad government, judicial over-reach or just shitty politics does not negatively effect our liberties, our livelihoods, our family, or our ethics.
  • That our voices are heard! Heard loud! And **Herd Strong!**

From the Governor right down to the school board member, Rocks and Cows will be providing continual updates on issues, votes, and general performance. Please sign up to be a part of this by becoming a contributor, editor, or moderator for your area or community. This is going to be a Team Sport. Come join the team! Now that the NFL has gone LEFT, what else are you going to do?

Our movement is strong!

And Getting Stronger by the Day!

With 100,000 members across the movement, one thing is very clear, we will no longer endure being marginalized. We will be silent no more…! HERD STRONG is HEARD STRONG!

Rocks & Cows of Minnesota

Rocks & Cows of the North & National Guard Cooks

Recall Governor Walz

Mostly Rocks and Cows of Southern Minnesota

Together We Are Unstoppable.

Together the Rocks and Cows of this state are unstoppable. Join our team today.

Rocks and Cows


Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals of additional signs and billboards.  Your generous donation are extremely appreciated.