Jay Duggan. December 04, 2020. 3:48pm

City of Winona, Minnesota, gave it the good old college try in October to enforce Governor Walz’s executive decrees criminalizing the freedom of association, assembly, and gathering of citizens. Lots of phone calls by Rocks And Cows like you, including a few to Sheriff Ganrude, got the City backing up to an “educational” process only. We believe the Sheriff pointed out to the city they are morons.

Well, Red Wing didnt get the memo that violating people’s constitutional rights requires more than a signed letter from Governor Walz. News Flash, America isnt a monarchy.

Rocks And Cows put in a call to Goodhue County Sheriff Kelly to ask 3 questions.
1. Have you been notified of City of Red Wing planned actions to fine and/or arrest people defying the Governor’s directive to not gather or assemble?
2. Will you be answering mutual aid calls from Red Wing for violations of the Governor’s directives? Is it worth armed deputies confronting citizens over this new order?
3. Will Sheriff Kelly be calling the Mayor of Red Wing to point out WHAT HE HAS PROPOSED IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL AS HELL, and that he could be subject to arrest for violating citizens civil rights?

Rock And Cows heard back from Sheriff Kelly. He has heard about the City directive on enforcing assembly restrictions, isn’t participating in the executive order enforcement, will not provide mutual aid for enforcement of it in Red Wing, and stated he desires a return to regular legislative order in St Paul along with most of the Sheriffs in Minnesota.

A Red Wing Police supervisor returned our call to state, yes the elected officials authored this directive, that he had “discretion” to execute and hoped not to have call to use it, and directed citizens upset with the order to contact their elected officials.

COVID DOES NOT INVALIDATE THE STATE OR FEDERAL CONSTITUTIONS, and we are far past time for regular legislative order and a removal of “emergency” executive powers. IT APPEARS THIS ENTIRE HAIR BRAINED EFFORT IS THE WORK OF THE RED WING MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL, and they can be reached by email by clicking on their pictures or emailed all at once with a link, found here – https://www.red-wing.org/381/City-Council

I attached the full Red Wing notice here, because you have to see it to believe it.