Jay Duggan March 04, 2021

Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon was one of the coordinated cogs in the national machine that went to court and used the fake COVID Emergency as an excuse to invalidate and change much of Minnesota’s election law. He tried to get the legislature to make the changes, but when they said no he had his commie Clinton buddies (Marc Elias, et al) sue him in court and he and Keith Ellison “conceded” and Senator Amy Klobuchar’s state political director (now a judge) agreed and mandated all the changes. This was part of a coordinated national effort to tank Trump as described by Molly Ball in Time magazine.

The Amy Klobuchar connection has come into play again. Many of the states that also got their election laws changed by underhanded deception, like Minnesota, have Republican controlled state legislatures. It’s a race to institutionalize the nationally Democrat coordinated COVID emergency cheating before Michigan, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Wisconsin toghten up and replace the cheat anywhere and anytime rules. The Constitution gives the states the power to set election law, but if the new Democrat national bill passes, which one do you think Democrat judges would make us use next year while the dispute between the two sets was in court?

(Contemplating here if making cheating permanent gets her off the hook w/BLM for covering for the cops)

Amy is trying to beat them to the punch and get HR 1(the national cheat anywhere anytime bill) thru the Senate, and Vox reports she is even desperate enough to try and change the filibuster rules so a simple majority can make it happen.

Here in Minnesota the New House Republicans and Rep. Glenn Gruenhagen have proposed removing the crooked new rules and even tightening up with some voter ID, but it will take the removal of emergency powers and some nasty lawsuits to unwind Simon’s crooked rules. Let’s hope Senator Joe Manchin means NO when he said no filibuster changes will happen. Otherwise we will get another up close view of national cheating gone wild.

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  1. Amy Klobuchar looks like a sucker fish!
    Kim Jung Walz,after his DICKtatorship is over could become the new mascot for the U of M with his FAT GOPHER CHEEKS!
    I use to be proud to say I’m from Minnesota,but NOT anymore! Minnesota has become more and more corrupt!!!

  2. I think Klobuchar and Tina Smith are as bad as Waltz and need to be gone also. She is as crooked as Biden and Pelosi put together!

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