Jay Duggan. January 12, 2021

Our benevolent ruler said in a Tuesday afternoon press conference that after consulting with Michigan Governor and law enforcement he was going to activate the National Guard to protect the State Capitol against warnings of armed protest and to “…see that the peaceful transfer of power was done.”

Nobody at recent protests even confronted State Troopers, so not sure what the soldiers will do.

I have heard of no talk of armed protests outside of news rumors coming from law enforcement, and Walz did not disclose what information was given to him. Minnesota already had it’s “transfer of power” when the new legislative members were sworn in last week. All previous protests at our State Capitol have been orderly, clean, non-confrontational, and very respectful and polite to the State Troopers present. Loud and lots of signage and flags, but mostly typical of political peaceful protest.

I very much hope we get to hear what information Walz used to make this decision, or if this was an action taken to bolster to his most recent political narrative that peaceful protests against his dictatorial retention of legislative powers in the absence of an “emergency” are dangerous.

KSTP News has another report and video at https://kstp.com/news/walz-to-visit-american-history-monuments-in-minnesota-encourage-reflection-and-peace/5975262/?cat=1

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  1. Just me or does Walz only get worried about protesters intentions when they aren’t his voters? And why was he scared for his safety? To my knowledge there has been nothing but street protests in front of the mansion and zero incidents of ppl going around back or over the fence to intimidate him, and I have not heard anything but for ballot box or legal system attacks on his political office and person.

  2. I was there at the rally in St.Paul on January 6th. It was noisy but NIOT violent. About 30% of the time was speakers giving devotionals (christian) or leading in prayer. At one point the person with the microphone announced that someone had found a driver’s license, and had anyone lost theirs??? Several times during the rally, they announced/reminded people to NOT park in a particular lot or their car would be towed. There were flags, signs, kids and dogs; people were outspoken AND polite. They only hollered as loudly as they had to for speakers to hear them asking a question or expressing a view; it was an interactive meeting. And while some of the speakers talked about “fighting” for this or that, — shoot, that’s how Democrats talk ALL THE TIME — Democrats never talk about working, only about fighting — and it eventually became clear that what they meant was, making phone calls ! As for the troopers, they were fine; alert and ready but not aggressive or intimidating. I went up to one and asked about a restroom nearby. (He didn’t know of any.) Any “fear” Little Timmy feels is due to his own conscience finally bothering him about all the suffering he has caused.

    1. He has no conscience or he would have felt the heaping coals piled on it months ago.

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