While arguing in the case against Larvita (Haven’s Garden) Assistant Attorney General Kaitrin Vohs said that the bars and restaurants at the Indian casinos need to stay open so they can continue to gain revenue.

Picture taken 12-5-2020

The statement above according to Nathan Hansen the lawyer representing Haven’s Garden in the case. Was brought on by Mr. Hansen claiming an equal protection violation on behalf of Larvita. Cited numerous bars and restaurants on tribal lands in Minnesota have been permitted to remain open for on-premises consumption of food and beverages.

The Assistant AG’s argument was made during a 1:30 hearing which was the same time Governor Walz was extending the shutdown for all other bars and restaurants in Minnesota. With the exception of allowing outdoor dining in the freezing cold.

Governor Walz has for political reasons allowed the casino’s bars and restaurants to stay open. He is picking winners and losers.

Update: The transcript had been released and can be viewed here.

9 thoughts on “Assistant AG Says “Bars and Restaurants in Indian Casinos Need to Stay Open So They Can Gain Revenue!””
  1. I don’t know who the hell voted for him but nobody seems to like anything he’s doing so he needs to go


  2. Unreal, our taxpayers funding nontaxed property and giving them a open door policy, I estimate between
    50,000 -70,000 patrons a week enter these places, never see any CV-19 stats on them, no restrictions
    since first time they sneaked open. Mr. Walz you have a serious Public Safety question here. Someone needs
    to answer for this, don’t see any pay cuts at YOUR end. IMPEACHMENT NOW!!!

  3. HI
    Why are we (the red county’s) not banding together?
    Telling the Minnesota government we don’t need them.
    tell them we did not vote for them, they have no jurisdiction over us.
    the states don’t have to listen to the feds so why do we have to listen to the state?
    we don’t .
    another thought
    a friend brought this up
    get all the names, addresses and pictures of all the the fine politician that voted against opening up bars and restaurant except the Indian owned ones.
    post them in every bar and restaurant in the state.
    so the owners can refuse them service or charge them a 500$ fee to enter the building.

  4. Do the numbers, there are 18 casinos since the 11/15/ 2020 these casinos under sovereign nations and taking advantage of any and all available MN. Property Taxpayers programs, been going steady. Now
    4-500 patrons a day each , per week is min. of 50,000 to 70,000. Never see the CV-19 on these and the MN.
    restaurants about 2-3% recorded cases. So I would assume that the Gov., Lt. Gov and AG are guilty of
    a serious Public Safety, by their own admission. TC voted them in, “that’s their cross to bare” we the
    out state don’t deserve this or should have to pay for the mess this spring, shutdowns, loss businesses
    etc. Just who and how are the tax dollars going to be generated, NOT FROM CASINOS OR TRIBAL LAND.

  5. What was the date of this hearing? I only saw the date of the commentary and the date of a photo. How much actual legal controle of the casinos does Waltz or the state legislature have? This is sovereign land with some controls by the federal government only. There is so much missing I can not draw any conclusions. I Googled and only came up with this commentary.

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