About Us

Rocks and Cow is the register trademark of Rocks and Cows of Minnesota Inc. – All right are reserved.

Rocks & Cow is the register trademark of Rocks and Cows of Minnesota Inc. – All right are reserved.


Here in Minnesota the Rocks and Cows Movement is made up of several organizations.  It is not our intent to take anything away from or take credit for any of the achievements or momentum that others have created.  We fully support and respect all efforts within this movement. Our only desire is to help bring everyone together!

We are working on turning Rocks and Cows into a true political organization that will survive and continue to fight, well past this upcoming election. We will be fighting for all of us in the outstate, or to us, the Greater State of Minnesota. Therefore we have filed to become a Political Hybrid PAC, that makes only independent expenditures. In this effort we will be able to work during the off election cycles to ensure:

  • That all elected officials, and their appointees, are working for us and not against our needs.
  • Those we helped into office do not forget who got them there.
  • That party systems, bad government, judicial over-reach or just shitty politics does not negatively effect our liberties, our livelihoods, our family, or our ethics.
  • That our voices are heard! Heard loud! And **Herd Strong!**

From the Governor right down to the school board member, Rocks and Cows will be providing continual updates on issues, votes, and general performance. Please sign up to be a part of this by becoming a contributor, editor, or moderator for your area or community. This is going to be a Team Sport. Come join the team! Now that the NFL has gone LEFT, what else are you going to do?

Our Team

Seeing a need to correct the tides of deprecating, disregard for anyone outside the metro, we formed our organization to wake the silent majority. We’ve consistently grown since then, all thanks to the huge number of amazing Rocks and Cows. Our organization is made up of many amazing individuals and organizations. More information on affiliate groups coming soon!

Our Mission

To wake the silent majority to put like-minded, sensible, representatives into office and becoming the watch dog for all of Greater Minnesota. 


Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals of becoming a true political force for all of GREATER Minnesota.


Let’s build the movement together