The MNGOP is in crisis. It was in crisis before the Tony Lazzaro and Jennifer Carnahan scandal. Even if the leadership won’t acknowledge it.

I’m a Liberty loving Republican, that can not stand to see what is happening to our party and state. It’s now time to break Ronald Reagan’s 11th commandment “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.” if we don’t we may lose our state and party.

It’s time to admit that the establishment of our party is worse than the DFL. The main reason why is they are deceptive. At least the DFL does what they say they are going to do, and will tell us what they really believe. The establishment of our party will say one thing and either never even attempt to do anything or do the opposite.

The establishment leaders of our party; Chairwoman Jennifer Carnahan, Majority Leader Paul Gazelka, House Minority Leader Kurt Daudt, and many others have actively gone against our interests. The list of times that the establishment MNGOP has gone against our interests or straight up abandoned us is so long that I don’t think I could list them all here. I encourage everyone to chime in with instances that I have missed.

  • They have made back room deals with Governor Walz to pass budgets and grow government.
  • They play with fire by passing green new deal car standards so that they can simply use it as a campaign prop.
  • They refused to fight Governor Walz’s emergency powers until groups like ours forced them too.
  • They actively try to push out activists groups like ours, Action 4 Liberty, Northstar Liberty Alliance, MAGASOTA, and many others.
  • They have spent thousands of dollars trying to defeat true Republican champions.
  • They abandon ag producers and processors.
  • They abandon manufacturing.
  • They abandon traditional energy and rural electric co-ops.
  • They abandon the Iron Range when they fail to support mining and paper industry.
  • They abandon Christians when they fund abortions and other Anti-Christian policies.
  • They abandon the 2nd amendment community leading us to fight at the county level through gun right sanctuaries.
  • They “compromise” our state away to DFL demands.

Now the current scandal and allegations involving Chairwoman Carnahan are set to give the DFL enough ammo to push their way to victory in 2022. Unless we do something about it. Will our establishment party leaders go against our best interests again, and keep one of their own Jennifer Carnahan as Chairwoman? How can our party go after the DFL for the likes of John Thompson and Ilhan Omar if we can’t even clean up our own house. How can we let someone with such close ties to Tony Lazzarro lead our party? How can we let someone lead our party who ignores so many claims of assault? How can we let someone lead our party who has silenced and pushed out so many great people?

We are being lead by a group that is only looking out for their own interests. How can we ever expect to win when our own leaders are constantly going against us. How can they ever expect to win when they are going against their own base? Well the truth is our establishment doesn’t want to win. They are content with second place so long as they keep their power. The status quo that they push will continue to produce nothing for us, but failure.

It’s time for Jennifer Carnahan to resign. It’s time for the entire MNGOP establishment to get out of our way. They do not have to leave the party, but it’s time they start to follow us. If they do not we will be forced to continue to break the 11th commandment until they are forced out. Our states future depends on it. The activist and patriots of this state are done following you. It’s time for a new path, it’s time to save our state.

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