Jay Duggan November 01, 2022

Governor Walz Chief of Staff (COS) Chris Schmitter, MN Dept of Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm, and others were subpoenaed November 01 to testify in the second trial to fine and jail Lisa Hanson for 2 days of indoor food service in Albert Lea during the Walz 2020 Shutdown.

Lisa Hanson represented herself, and was convicted, jailed for 60 days, and fined $65,000 for 6 days of food sales at her Interchange Bistro in violation of COVID Executive Orders during the Walz 2020 Shutdown. Almost 2 years since the last Walz shutdown the uber progressive Albert Lea City Attorney Kelly Martinez went in for a second helping and charged Lisa in October for the last 2 days left off the first case. Biden and Walz may both agree the COVID “emergency” is over when the media asks but dictator powers and punishment obviously last forever according to the City of Albert Lea and Judge Buetel whom handled the first case, and now this case. Subpoena PDF files below.



Lisa Hansen has hired expert criminal and administrative law attorney Richard Dahl of Brainerd for the current charges. Attorney Richard Dahl quickly subpoenaed Walz Chief of Staff Chris Schmitter and MDH Jan Malcolm, and his data request and subpoena filings and attached emails easily disclose the reason. Walz had “Emergency Executive Powers” to fight COVID and preserve life. A shutdown issued under the emergency MUST be for a specific purpose related to protecting life in the COVID emergency. The attached emails of the Walz Administration are problematic. On their face the attached emails between Walz Chief of Staff Chris Schmitter and Jan Malcolm and other Walz paid political consultants paint a picture of a pre-determined shutdown for political purposes (maybe for diversion from the overwhelming death of seniors under Walz control in Long Term Care?) and the COVID shutdown aimed at Lisa Hanson and other small businesses and youth sports seems to have had ZERO supporting health data and reason to target them.

Are these Richard Dahl’s smoking gun? In the attached emails Walz Chief of Staff (COS) Chris Schmitter was looking to pin COVID transmission into Long Term Care on youth sports and restaurants/bars and other social gatherings to shut them down, and made multiple inquires to MN Dept of Health looking for the state data conclusions to prove it. But, after 3 or 4 inquiries to MDH and returned health data sets he says, “This is helpful, though less useful than what I expected.” and goes on to conclude, “I assume the conclusion here is that we just don’t know where most transmission is happening?” Chris Schmitter just didn’t see any evidence to support what the Walz Administration HAD ALREADY DECIDED TO DO. Jan Malcolm was copied on the inquiries, and upon seeing the Walz Chief of Staff (COS) exasperated she finally chimes in and tells her staff (including her #2 Kris Ehresmann) what she wants done to solve the Chief’s problem. Jan says, “COS has been asking for data to be given to the Governor regularly…” and then “We need some way to estimate (ESTIMATE!) total impact from generations of transmission, not just the primary case as people look at the primary case numbers and think those are small impacts that don’t justify the dial backs we propose. See COS questions below. THX as always for creative thinking and fast turnaround. – Jan Malcom”

The last email chronologically in Richard Dahl’s data request attachments has Governor Walz’s outside New York City political consultant Kate Brickman (a month after the Schmitter and Malcolm emails) sending her own email focused on the growing Long Term Care death numbers and isolating Governor Walz from blame. It appears the key sucker to take the blame appears once again will be youth sports and bars/restaurants. She freely admits “Commissioner and Erin are tracking some data to pull” and she has no relevant data but wants Walz to message “..were doing better than any other state.” Brickman seems to ultimately want to distance Walz from LTC deaths by conclusively stating, “The spread and deaths in LTC can be traced back to youth sports and some of these social settings.” Data Request/Email PDF file below.


In the real world this is a holy sh#t moment. “The dial backs we propose”. Jan Malcolm and Chris Schmitter (and Walz?) had already planned a second shutdown, at the same time in a run up to an election Walz is messaging he wouldn’t do one, and they didn’t have any data to connect the shutdown targets like LISA HANSON to COVID transmission! Chris Schmitter has seen all the data MDH had on COVID transmission and when looking for a connection for Lisa Hanson and small biz and youth sports he concludes, “…we just dont know where most transmission is happening?” Seemingly not wanting a pre-determined shutdown opportunity to go to waste for Walz Jan Malcolm chimes in to her staff. Jan says “COS (Schmitter) has been asking for data..” and “we need some way to estimate..” cuz their justifying data isnt there. So staff, you see what he wants so “See COS questions below. THX as always for creative thinking and fast turnaround.” At face value this looks like COS and Jan Malcolm’s MDH colluding to make up data to shutdown youth sports and bar/restaurants for a pre-determined shutdown. The political consultant seems to be using the bars/restaurants, youth sports and LISA HANSON as a scape goat for LTC deaths under Walz.

Can an Executive Order targeted shutdown that denies civil liberties and the ability to earn a wage be issued using an “estimate” of “creative” data thrown together with “fast turnaround” justifying the shutdown targets? Did Lisa Hanson go to jail for a lie? Is Lisa Hanson going to another criminal trial and jail and fines for a lie? Did dozens of restaurants go to court, go bankrupt, pay fines, and shutdown longer as penalties over a lie? Was the entire second shutdown a lie? There are still restaurants in court TODAY fighting Jan Malcolm and Keith Ellison or still paying off fines and penalty business days closed over the shutdown. All for a lie? The Richard Dahl data request informs us that we already know the shutdown didn’t work or stop anything, by Walz’s own admission in his media press conference from his Helsinki Finland. Keith Ellison and Jan Malcolm and the City of Albert Lea can prosecute Lisa over a shutdown Walz admitted didnt work, based on a lie about her transmission risk, and 2 years after the “emergency” shutdown ended, and 16 months after all “emergency” powers ended? Governor Walz could have ended all of this months ago and pretended he was a Christian for 1 day to forgive and dismiss action for those charged with violating the ineffective 2 year old lie he imposed upon them. But “One Minnesota” means never having to say you are sorry or wrong.

Note – the emails discussed above and attached to the Richard Dahl/Lisa Hanson data request are the same emails lawyer Sam Diehl obtained from the Walz Administration thru the court in his discovery during other youth sports and restaurant owner(s) lawsuit(s) vs Walz over mandates and shutdowns.

If you want to help Lisa Hanson fight against The Walz Shutdown Lie of 2020, you can donate here – https://www.givesendgo.com/G2E8S?utm_source=sharelink&utm_medium=copy_link&utm_campaign=G2E8S


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