Jay Duggan January 13, 2021

Throughout the past election cycle Rocks & Cows dedicated our time to pointing out to voters throughout all areas of Minnesota outside the metro that their local DFL state representatives were nothing more than puppets to the Minneapolis DFL and Governor Walz. Puppets following the Minneapolis DFL marching orders whether they benefitted their voters or not. Greater MN DFL members felt the sting when 5 of their own lost. 5 new Republican candidates won in November, running essentially a Rocks & Cows message campaign of freedom from Minneapolis Green New Deal crazy that hurts their jobs and values. During the special sessions in the election season 4 or 5 of the DFL reps voted to revoke Governor Walz’s dictator powers to prove to their voters that they weren’t puppets to Walz punishing COVID mandates. In the December special session even Rob Ecklund from International Falls joined the vote to make it 6 DFL reps voting in favor of revoking the Governor’s emergency powers.

The start of a new House session in January 4th with the 5 new Republican members meant those previous 6 DFL votes were enough to revoke Walz’s dictator emergency powers. WALZ REALIZED THE ROCKS & COWS MESSAGE WAS THE BIGGEST THREAT TO HIS DICTATORIAL CONTROL.


Dictator Walz held an emergency Zoom “fundraiser” Monday night January 4th to get all the rural DFL in front of him for the marching orders AND TO STOP THEM FROM FEARING THE ROCKS & COWS MORE THAN HIM. His comments have been reported to us as the following:

“Mantras that “protecting our way of life” in Greater Minnesota, I think we all know what that dog whistles to…I just want to be very clear: I’m the first governor in a quarter century to come from Greater Minnesota. I will not be “out small-town’d” by anybody with my 24 high school classmates. Here are the facts: we’ve delivered more in local government aide to Greater Minnesota, and a bonding bill, than any other administration has. We’ve continued to ensure representation from Greater Minnesota. I put the first Supreme Court Justice from Greater Minnesota in nearly 50 years on the Supreme Court. This myth that we’re losing out there… what I would encourage all DFLers and what I would encourage those legislators too is: don’t buy their frame on this. They are not delivering for Greater Minnesota. They are using this as a way to try to divide us along cultural lines, along ethnic lines. And I’ve said this before: I can shoot better than any of them, I can fix my truck better than any of them, I went to a smaller school than them, and as Governor, I have delivered for Greater Minnesota in a manner that’s fair. This is One Minnesota – we’re all in this together… I’ll step into every American Legion Hall in every small town in Greater Minnesota.”.

Hear that Rocks & Cows? You are all racist hicks because you desire “protecting your way of life”. Respecting law enforcement, defending life, holding tight to your right to defend yourself after watching Walz let Minneapolis burn for a week, not willing to sacrifice the industry that gives you a job on the alter of climate change kook-ism, desiring the state to focus on Greater MN issues at least once before the next $2 billion lightrail train line or stadium gets built in Minneapolis, MAKES YOU A RACIST.

Governor Walz doesn’t measure his success in delivering for Rocks & Cows country by the increase in jobs, paycheck amounts, or industries choosing to expand or move to Greater Minnesota. Walz is clearly oblivious to his punishing of rural and border towns across our state with unnecessary business and school closures for almost 10 months, and bullying local Sheriffs and county governments to enforce his illegal mandates. His Royal Highness has no shame for directing his agencies and non-profit allies to attack Greater Minnesota with lawsuits and regulations punishing mining, logging, farming, feedlots, pipelines, refineries, dairies, paper plants, lumber mills, car dealers, trucking, and ethanol. Like any good Minneapolis liberal our benevolent leader bases the size of his heart on the quantity of your tax dollars he spent on government employees and projects across Minnesota. Giving half the federal COVID money to the half of the people that live in Greater Minnesota was his big gesture, that, and the $2 billion bonding bill that was straight up 1/3 metro socialist garbage. Our hero.

We all know he cant shoot for crap, and he better be good a fixing trucks if he’s dumb enough to buy an International Harvester Scout. I don’t care what small village in Nebraska ran him out of town and cursed him with us, but he isn’t Rocks & Cows, and the actions of his administration prove it. No matter how many flannel shirts and or how many times he blathers “One Minnesota” the people know there isn’t any amount of BS to hide his Minneapolis Green New Deal crazy.

For those DFL representatives in Rocks & Cows country (Rob Ecklund, Dave Lislegard, Julie Sandstede, Paul Marquart, Mike Sundin, and Gene Pelowski) YOU PICKED THE WRONG HORSE. You back Governor Walz and his dictator powers now, after months of telling your voters different. The truth will come out. We will have 2 straight years of your Minneapolis DFL Green New Deal masters jamming down radical BLM school reform, gun grabbing, natural resource and ag industry regulatory attacks on your voters’ jobs, gas and income tax hikes, higher electric bills, and the constant race baiting. Rocks & Cows will be watching. You better hope Mr. Small Town has the power to make people forget reality.

To the MNGOP Party, Senate, and House leaderships. Rocks & Cows thinks Governor Walz got one thing right, when he said about you, “They are not delivering for Greater Minnesota.” You aren’t. Republicans shouldn’t be bragging about how much government to government spending they passed, and that seems to be your only major accomplishment. Which Rocks and Cows industries, employers, and towns are going to grow under less regulation and add private sector jobs this year? Rocks and Cows deserve a whole lot more than a bad defense with a levee project or bridge repair on the side. SHOCKING POLITICAL FACT – To deliver for Greater MN you might have to take a few tough votes on regulation, fire a commissioner or two, and have 1 or 2 stare downs with the Governor to be effective. Letters, mean Facebook talk, and rolling over to show your belly at the conclusion of every negotiation just isn’t gonna cut it.

Recall Walz No Graphic Unisex Hoodie – Rocks and Cows Of Minnesota
  1. In my opinion he’s been in the same group as Queen Nancy and the rest of her buddies, As far as the so-called representatives that are suppose to be for the people that voted them in ofice supposedly to do what is write for us they need to double check who pats their salaries it’s us not little timmy.

  2. Do you think Trump will take him down in his list of left money gubbing Dem. He belongs at Getmo with Omar.
    Project Veritas needs to examine this evil man. Keep going Rocks and Cows. You will prevail.

    1. Walz, Ellison, Omar, Frey, Carter – they will all be gone. They will not be able to walk down the street. Then the courts will be dealt with. Back to Common Law, gold backed dollar, and the original Constitution. Trump has got this. Trump Won.

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