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Find Your Judge

One of President Donald Trump’s longest lasting achievements will be remaking the federal courts by filling them with judges that follow the Constitution and don’t invent new laws from the bench to make rules and laws in lieu of legislation the Democrats cant pass in the state congress. The newest vacancy on The US Supreme Court with the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg lays bare the stakes. A conservative court protects political free speech, gun rights, political advertising, property rights, and illegal confiscation of your money and property by the government. A liberal court can make all of our liberties nothing but a promise only as good as the politicians in charge.

Minnesota conservatives have not taken this lesson seriously, have taken no interest or action on judges within the state of Minnesota court system, and as weekly news stories reveal we are paying the price. The Governor is specifically violating the state constitution by creating law thru executive order and creating executive orders/laws that contradict existing laws, and our state constitution specifically bars this practice. When Recall and other lawsuits by Republicans and affected business interests point this out the DFL judges pretend they cant read the constitution and punt all accusations against Walz by claiming “there isn’t precedent or findings to determine if the legislature intended to delegate legislative authority with the emergency measures act.” They intentionally ignore the plain language of the state constitution to protect their political friends or their reputation within the liberal legal community. The district and appellate courts and the Minnesota Supreme Court are all full of DFL Dayton and Walz appointees and a few leftover RINO Pawlenty judges, There isn’t a one of them with the spine to apply the law as written. All cowards or straight up DFL political operatives.

When it comes to review of, or lawsuits against, state legislation the DFL hates but can’t replace in the legislature they get a DFL judge to change the law for them. Want felons that haven’t paid restitution or finished parole to vote? Sue the state law and a DFL judge will say the law on felon voting rules is illegal and refuse to let anybody defend the existing law. Want to count votes for weeks after Nov 3rd, not check mail ballot signatures with those on file, or have DFL “helpers” vouch for and assist unlimited voters at the polling place? Have a DFL judge fabricate a new set of laws out of thin air and make it all perfectly legal even though it is fully in opposition to existing laws on the books.

The Minnesota Republican Party has been asleep at the switch. There are 289 District Court judges serving 6 year terms by initial appointment by the governor, but 1/3 to 1/2 of them come up for election in even years after their initial term is to expire. In 2020 there will be 123 judicial seats up for election (district, appellate, and Supreme courts) AND ONLY 5 OF THE JUDGES EVEN HAVE AN OPPENENT, DESPITE MANY OF THE JUDGES BEING DEMOCRAT DFL JUDGES IN CONSERVATIVE DISTRICTS IN THE STATE. The MN Republican party has neglected the most simple of tasks, to have a candidate on the ballot.

Supreme Court Justice Paul Thissen, former DFL hack politician, is up for reeelection and is running against conservative Michelle MacDonald ( A couple 9th District races involve a conservative candidate running to fill a seat on the bench, a couple more offer liberal vs uber-liberal, and the rest are Democrat and RINO appointees running unopposed.

To find out: how to file for a write-in position for one of the unopposed seats and receive #RocksAndCows notification to the public of your candidacy, see all upcoming judicial elections, a little information on the contested seats, or offer your expertise in starting a #RocksAndCows constitutional legal roundtable to allow conservative attorneys to make contacts, make themselves visible to each other, and make conservative attorneys available to fill the unopposed seats in the future – click HERE.

Minnesota often has laws written by the DFL and rubberstamped by the MNGOP, and those few insane laws they can’t get passed or amended to fit their political expediency they get a DFL judge to change or invalidate.

Its long past time conservative attorneys in Minnesota come together, and insure that every citizen has the choice of a traditional and texualist constitutional choice in every judicial election. Donald Trump is doing his part for the federal bench. Its time to do ours and protect our liberties here in Minnesota!

  1. Please email me a list of conservative judges I can vote for or write in my ballot. I live in Eagan.

    1. All, right now we need your help on finding a conservative attorney that would want to become a judge for 160k per year. If you know of anyone, please let us know.

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