Jay Duggan January 30, 2022

THE PROBLEM – It has been decades since the Minnesota Republican Party (MNGOP) has won both the Governor’s race and the legislature. Things have only gotten worse as time has progressed, and we have reached peak DFL dominance in all things political in Minnesota. Since March of 2020 Governor Walz has: ruled as COVID dictator for one and a half years, declared new crimes and punishments and a jail sentence with just his signature, sent infected seniors and untested health inspectors into nursing homes, fabricated MN Health data conclusions to shut the state down a second time, encouraged and supported a political movement to eliminate law enforcement, and installed the new progressive religion of Social and Environmental Justice/Equity across all state agency decisions and into the education curriculum statewide. If it’s progressive and stupid King Walz has started to implement it since he came into office and COVID simply put the process into overdrive.

THERE’S A FIX – The worst part about the Walz and Mpls DFL drive to go full fascist progressive is that the Senate Republican leaders have been willingly complying, assisting Walz in the agency implementations, and paying for this entire experience. There is little expectation the existing House Republican leadership would have acted any different in a majority position. The good news is the trajectory of our state and the MNGOP resistance can take a new direction February 1st with citizen involvement. Record turnout by people newly interested in replacing stale old government can be a new force for change in our party this year.

WHAT THE FIX DOES – February 1st at 7pm across Minnesota is Republican Caucus Night. Republican citizens come and vote for delegates that will meet at district and state conventions to nominate the Republican governor candidate and other statewide office candidates (Attorney General, Auditor, Secretary of State). Caucus night will also have important votes for your local district or county party leadership positions that run the process to help find, fund, and support candidates for every local office from township and school board up to state senator. Rules and Resolutions are also voted on that night.

VOTE FOR GOVERNOR DELEGATES – First time in many election cycles we have several quality candidates to choose for Governor that are not currently in office selling us out the the DFL (obviously we will NOT be supporting the Walz vassals Gazelka or Benson). Unless you want the swamp choosing your governor candidate YOU NEED TO SHOW UP and vote for delegates that will pick an outsider and a fighter for governor.

ROCKS & COWS WILL CAUCUS FOR DR JENSEN for several reasons. He has been telling the truth about health science and government deception and overreach, and helping local groups of active citizens oppose the overreach, since COVID started. All that despite the real risk to his own credibility, medical license, and the medical practice he hopes to leave for his own daughter. Rocks & Cows has been pushing local action and retaking control of politics at the school board, city, and county levels to get our state back. Dr Jensen also recognizes we win by retaking local control and the effort that will require flowing to all offices on a statewide ballot. Dr Jensen has answered our call or request every single time to meet, address, help, call in a favor, or exert pressure when asked to in order to aid organizing or support for a local political groups, especially parents school groups. While Senators Paul Gazelka and Michelle Benson were passing the second round of police “reform” for BLM, giving Education MN the biggest budget hike in decades, and funding the Green New Deal crazy dreams of King Walz…..Dr Jensen was making rounds of the state to support school parent groups, concerned moms, and business people being crushed by govt mandates/overreach/punishment from St Peter to Nisswa, Stillwater, Brainerd, Sauk Rapids, Fergus Falls, Jordan, Bemidji and all points in between. In addition to Dr Jensen Rocks & Cows also likes Mayor Mike Murphy and Dr Neil Shah, but since we believe they all hold sincere conservative ideals and goals, we will caucus with the one who put his money where his mouth is, first, for the longest, at greatest personal risk, while helping as possible to build and support new local activism to change our state from the bottom up. We don’t know enough about the Kendall Qualls and Rich Stanek late entry into the process to say with certainty anything but that they have core conservative positions on a central issue each, public safety (Stanek) and anti-CRT (Qualls). We support Jensen, but you may chose different and that’s ok. It is important everybody wanting a non-establishment person to run for governor go to caucus Feb 1st and vote or be a delegate yourself to nominate our next governor. FIND YOUR CAUCUS LOCATION AND LEARN HOW CAUCUS WORKS – HERE.

VOTE FOR LOCAL REPUBLICAN LEADERSHIP – Your county or district party unit will vote in a Chair, Asst Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Precinct Chairs, Delegates to State Party Central Committee, etc, etc. Vote for conservative people that want action to run your local party unit, or run for office yourself. Good thing is the establishment swamp types or low info voters will identify themselves by caucusing for Gazelka and Benson.

VOTE FOR RULES AND RESOLUTIONS – It is VERY IMPORTANT you are assured the county or district party unit is allowed in their RULES to support, endorse, and fund local “non-partisan” office candidates like school board, city council, county board, etc. THE DFL IS ALREADY SUPPORTING PPL FOR ALL THOSE RACES. Don’t let anybody tell you they can’t or shouldn’t get involved in local races. Make the caucus vote on a rule to allow supporting, endorsing, and funding local candidates. RESOLUTIONS are statements of action or principle voted on at the caucus meeting that goes up the ladder to tell the party politicians and officials what actions to take and which principles to apply. A GOOD SELECTION OF RESOLUTIONS THAT ARE OVER DUE IS – HERE. Review them and please consider printing them and bringing them with you to caucus.

AFTER CAUCUS – Stay involved in your local grass roots groups for parents or patriots, and your local district or county party. Recruit and support candidates for local school board, city council, and other offices. Put your money where your mouth is and pitch in. To beat Tyrant Timmy and the crazy DFL we will need a new commitment from people unafraid to push our party to practice what they preach and to lead by example.

Rocks and Cows would love to hear your February 1st caucus experience stories, especially those from first time attendees and those that got elected to delegate or a local party position. Email us at [email protected]


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  1. I will be caucusing and supporting Dr. Neil Shah. Dr. Neil Shah is not a politician and is a champion of small government and our medical freedom. The Never Again Bill limits a governor’s power to implement emergency powers and limits what those powers enable a governor to do. It isn’t enough to say you are for small government, you have to be a champion for the people. Dr. Neil Shah signed the pledge to pass the Never Again Bill. Dr. Scott Jensen refused to sign the pledge. He isn’t willing to put his name on a paper that says he will pass the bill. Why would I trust him to stick his neck out for us?
    It’s time to support and fight for candidates that will be a champion for us on the issues we care about, not just what’s convenient for them politically.
    Support Dr. Neil Shah for Governor!

    1. Dr Jensen wrote his own version of the same bill. You will have to compare the language and see where they differ. Fromm what we can tell they are very similar.

  2. Thank you ROCK ‘n COWS for all that you are doing. It truly is time to drain the swamp and rid this state of the creatures like Walz, Gazellka, etc who are living within.

    1. Thank you. Get involved locally. Nobody will agree 100% but if you are involved locally your voice will be heard and hopefully represented.

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