Jay Duggan. May 17, 2021

Monday May 17th was the last day of the MN legislature regular session. It’s over a month before the deadline to pass a new 2 year budget and the government runs out of money. Dictator Walz and Republican Senate Leader Paul Gazelka only started negotiations last week on the budget, and it’s the last deal the Governor absolutely needs Republican approval on before the November 2022 vote. There isn’t another chance for 18 months to have any say on how Walz runs the state. There hasn’t even been one of the customary “leaks” to the news media about Republicans being “unreasonable” or “confrontational” to assist Democrats with public pressure.

Because of the circumstances I was shocked to hear the Gazelka, Walz, and the Democrats had reached a “deal” that Gazelka later clarified was a deal on a budget number. I was even more shocked later in the evening to see it reported that the “deal” was all but done, and numbers, priorities, tax policy, and allocating most 1 time COVID funds were all agreed on.

Going by the descriptions this really doesn’t look good for the home team. It appears we are watching a slow motion repeat of last year’s bonding bill when Republicans talked tough but ended up leaving negotiations and passing a package twice as big as their initial offer and telling us how great it was they “compromised” at 110% of what the Democrats wanted.

Because of the sudden news and reported pieces of the budget deal, including talk of no dictator powers removal and another round of police “reform”, lots of folks have called me to see what I think this means. I wrote out a cheat sheet and did a 15 minute explanation on where I think this “deal” is going. I hope I’m wrong……….

I really don’t like where this is going.

Because this budget isn’t a done deal until it’s voted on by the House and Senate, you can call your Republican state senator and tell him/her to “Vote no on ANY budget deal unless 100% dictator powers removal, and stop funding the Green New Deal and the Democrat education system without reform!”

You can type in your address and find your State Senator HERE.

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5 thoughts on “Budget Deal? Or Budget Disaster?”
  1. This link is blocked by Facebook. I couldn’t even send it through messenger. It scares me how protected Walz is by the communists and deep state and big tech and the media.

  2. Please vote no on any budget bill unless 100% of Waltzs special powers are removed ! Our State should not be ran by a dictator !!! We Minnesotans are tired of one person rule Legislators you need to step up and return our govenmernt to by the people and for the people !

  3. Same old Schiff. The nice Rhinos decided to take it up the backside. Negotiated in the back room.The other reps should be out there screaming about no election integrity legislation, no removal of emergency powers. all we hear are crickets.

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