Jay Duggan December 19,2020

Governor Tim Walz has entered his TENTH MONTH of 1 man dictatorship, extending his emergency power this month and instantly reupping mandatory masking everywhere, and the shutdown of bars, restaurants, theaters, events, weddings, performances, and even outdoor gatherings. His oppressive measures have worked so well that THE RESULTS ARE NEARLY IDENTICAL TO ALL THE ADJOINING STATES WITH FAR FEWER OR NONE OF THE SAME RESTRICTIONS. Some business owners are getting sick of being told their slow motion bankruptcy is the price that has to be paid to perpetuate Dictator Walz’s COVID fear reign.

The most Rocks and Cows of all the business owners, and the original, is Stacy Stranne at The Iron Waffle Coffee Company in Lakeshore MN. Since Day 1 of the establishment of the dictatorship she decided the people know best and they may choose to visit or not and whether a mask is required for their health. The Iron Waffle practiced social distancing and good sanitation and offered curbside and carryout for those that choose that option, but never closed under dictator orders, and probably never will. Attorney General Keith Ellison finally couldn’t take a woman making her own decisions and took action this week, 10 months in, to file suit against The Iron Waffle on behalf of Jan Malcolm at MNHealth.

The Iron Waffle IS SENATE MAJORITY LEADER PAUL GAZELKA’S COFFEE SHOP, and they are right down the road from his house. Paul Gazelka and Senator Karin Housley threatened this week to deduct fines on businesses from the AG budget. Really? A few thousands? What about lawyer fees? Lost business? But Stacy can go to jail for running her business? ITS TIME TO #FIREJANMALCOM AND CUT THE AG BUDGET FOR ENFORCEMENT OF ALL EXECUTIVE ORDERS UNDER EMERGENCY POWERS!

Ask Paul if he is going to get serious and #FireJanMalcolm

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The restaurant owner that led the latest organized uprising against tyrannical powers and kicked off the ReOpen Minnesota Coalition defiance of Dictator Walz is Jane Moss at Boardwalk Bar and Grill in East Grand Forks MN. Across the bridge in North Dakota, as seen from the front door at the Boardwalk you can see the open bars, restaurants, and theaters where all her business is going. Jane’s local officials were directed to shut her down by Ellison, but instead they delivered notice of the executive orders and left it at that. Jane stayed open, and nothing infuriates AG Ellison more than uppity women so he filed suit against her also. Jane is planning on fighting in court AND still wants to run her business.

Where is Jane’s State Senator, Mark Johnson? How come in a hundred articles on Jane I haven’t seen one yet where he stopped by or a public statement that he is outraged his locked down business owners are looking at a wide open North Dakota across the Red River? Is he going to pretend to be a constitutional conservative just long enough to #FireJanMalcolm?

Support Jane here – https://www.action4liberty.com/jane_legal_fund

Ask Mark Johnson if he could take some time from his busy schedule and defend the women and business owners of his district and #FireJanMalcolm

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There is no larger patriot in Rocks And Cows territory than Larvita McFarquhar at Haven’s Garden in Lynd MN. Due to her misfortune she owns three businesses in a building she bought to house them all and they have all been shut by the Dictator Walz eliminating all her sources of business income. Larvita owns a dance studio, a gymnastics practice gym, and a small restaurant. Larvita is not only an affected business owner but a mad patriot who knows her rights and refuses to let 1 man dictate how an entire state will be run just because he has a health issue as an excuse. Larvita has been speaking out since May, Larvita refuses to stayed open in defiance and has been on TV and Facebook broadcasting her call for freedom and constitutional obedience from our Tiny Tyrannt. Larvita was also sued by AG Ellison in his sick perversion to single out women he thinks he can intimidate. Larvita lost her court fight and has given a restraining order from operating her businesses, but she still refused and opened in defiance. The judge has decided to assess her a $250 fine for every day she operates against the executive orders of the Tiny Tyrannt. Posts, updates and video of her entire story are at her Haven’s Garden Facebook page.

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You can support Larvita here – https://www.givesendgo.com/GXSX

You can ask her State Senator, Gary Dahms if maybe he is finally ready to get serious about sending a message to Dictator Walz and #FireJanMalcolm?

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These three women are not the only women in the fight to get our rights back from Tim the Tin Pot Tyrant, there are many others just as brave, like Lisa at Alibi Bar in Lakeville MN. The one thing they all have in common is that they are the most courageous group standing up for their rights and our rights to run a business and for people to make their own decisions in a free country. The politicians have been happy to take show votes and sit “all back of the bus” and let Dictator Walz run the state all by himself, dictator shutdowns and all. They haven’t wanted to take a single controversial position or decision if it involved COVID. That time has passed. These brave women have forced the issue and will not give give up no matter what the courts do or threaten. IF WE WANT OUR STATE BACK..WE ARE GOING TO ALL HAVE TO FIGHT LIKE A GIRL(S), and if the state senators don’t start getting serious about getting our state and our freedoms back I know a few good women that can get the job done in their place.

Fight Like A Girl If You Want To Save Minnesota – Rocks and Cows Of Minnesota

  1. Fire jan malcolm and if elected officials can’t stand up for their people they need to go

  2. Not only will Walz shut down businesses and ruin lives he’ll run Minnesota into the ground and raise taxes due to no revenue.

  3. I think the government forgot they work for us. And what I see right now that’s not what is going on

  4. The main difference I noticed in this last election (and I’ve been voting for 50 years) was the energy and spirit of Women Republicans, especially young mothers.

    If there is any hope for Minnesota it rests in them.

    Thanks Ladies

  5. How come no one is bringing up the USA Patriot Act of 2001? It is considered domestic terrorism to intimidate or coerce any civilian population. What about the licenses? Does it state in the licenses from public health or the state that they must close because of a pandemic? If not, they cannot suspend the license. Jan Malcolm, Walz and Ellison need to be in jail. Check the two laws below:
    TITLE 18, U.S.C., SECTION 242 | https://www.justice.gov/crt/deprivation-rights-under-color-law
    Section 802: Definition of Domestic Terrorism
    Acts that “appear to be intended—to intimidate or coerce a civilian population” are acts of
    domestic terrorism. (See https://www.congress.gov/bill/107th-congress/house-bill/3162/
    text/enr and https://www.congress.gov/107/plaws/publ56/PLAW-107publ56.pdf )

  6. I live one town over from Alibi and have been there a few times in support. I have met Lisa. I admire her courage. Supporting her business is the least I can do. The pizza there is very good too!

  7. FIGHT LIKE A GIRL IS very accurate ! Over the 10 years that I have been involved in Grass Roots politics here, I’d say that 90% of the fighters have been the gals. Fortunately, guys all over the state are now getting involved but my hat is off to the courageous gals who have been leading the way. EXAMPLE- CHILD PROTECTION LEAGUE OF MN, They are . REAL HEROES in this state. G Smith, Little Falls

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