Jay Duggan January 30, 2021

All the Rocks and Cows know all about Dictator Walz and his merry band of Mpls DFL cultists inviting their radical progressive friends to come and riot in Minneapolis, justifying and apologizing for their actions, and then watching it burn for 4 days. The Mpls DFL has put forth a bill for over $300 million in tax money to pay for their self made disaster, as we described HERE. What you don’t hear in Dictator Walz’s race baiting and whining about imaginary “institutional racism” when he blames everybody in Minnesota for a calamity he personally incited and want us to pay for, is Launette Figliuzzi from Zimmerman.

On the 4th night of the Minneapolis conflagration set off by the flannel idiot, Tom and Launette Figliuzzi were home in Zimmerman like everyone in Minnesota watching the news, dumbfounded that the people of Minnesota could have elected state and municipal officials so stupid they would allow 4 nights of arson and riots to happen. Tom and Launette were recent career military retirees. Launette specifically was a retired Master Sgt of the Minnesota National Guard. They were especially tuned to the events in Minneapolis that night because their own son Tony was in Minneapolis with the called up MN National Guard and assigned to protecting firemen, EMS, and police officers in the middle of the riot.

Launette suffered a stroke that evening while watching for their son on the tv news. Tom called the ambulance and she was rushed to the local hospital and quickly diagnosed with a rare blood clot spinal blockage stroke that required a special spinal shot from a stroke center in Minneapolis. Launette needed to be sent to Minneapolis by helicopter within 2 hours to receive the shot and prevent paralysis.

The helicopter was not allowed to go to Minneapolis because THE FLANNEL IDIOT CLOSED MINNEAPOLIS AIRSPACE TO ONLY LAW ENFORCEMENT AND THE NEW. YES, THE NEWS. Because the helicopter was not allowed permission to fly to Minneapolis she was placed in an ambulance for the long drive and arrived after the time window to save her from paralysis. Tony came from the country with the Guard to protect EMS crews but his own mother wasn’t allowed air ambulance service to Minneapolis due to Walz’s orders.

The Democrats have supplied millions of dollars to bail out rioters and arsonists, including those charged with federal crimes. Minneapolis progressive lackeys have raised tens of thousands very recently to pay off restitution for a felony illegal alien so Walz could pardon her and keep her from deportation. Walz is even asking the whole state to pony up $150 to $300 million and cover the tab for a riot he encouraged. But how many times has Mr. One Minnesota or the Minneapolis DFL cult asked their supporters to help Launette, a fellow MN National Guard career soldier? RHYMES WITH ZERO.

Launette Figliuzzi is starting her retired life paralyzed from the chest down thanks to Governor Walz and needs a specialized wheelchair. The wheelchair will allow her body to be able to move to the standing position to prevent pressure and bed sores and also make it possible to stay in the retirement home they just bought reducing the need to remodel the entire home for handicap access. Launette’s husband Tom has been on a mission to secure the chair. Launette’s son Tom also has helped his mother thru his motorcycle club charity 2 Wheels 4 Heroes. Together they have raised about $25000 of the $38000 needed.

The Minneapolis DFL cult and Walz might not care but Rocks and Cows do. Rocksandcows.org will be donating to Launette, so she has the mobility she deserves in the retirement she earned serving us.

YOU CAN ALSO DONATE to her GoFundMe acct, HERE. $5 from all the daily visitors of RocksAndCows.org and we finish the job.

If you donate thru the Rocks and Cows “donate” portal below, that will stay posted thru Feb 7th, we will credit 100% (minus the PayPal fee) directly to Tom and Launette’s charity fund for the chair.


The New House Republicans recorded and published Tom telling his family’s story HERE.

KSTP News featured Launette’s story back in August, HERE

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  1. Rocks and Cows do care about Minnesota, Waltz has shown, by letting our State Burn for 4 days that he cares NOTHING about our great state, he’s just looking to play DICTATOR! He loves his little POWER TRIP!

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