Jay Duggan December 11, 2020

Dictator Walz has let the tyranny of one man rule go to his head in typical leftist facsism style, and all we are missing is the balcony speeches. COVID is real. Everybody knows that it is a respiratory corona virus that infects the elderly and medically vulnerable , and that over 85% of the victims fit those exact categories. Being careful is prudent but the people are mad, and especially the moms and women. Governor Walz has gone too far.

MOTHERS OF SCHOOL CHILDREN AND ATHLETES ARE PISSED OFF -Governor Walz in his insane need to try and control a virus and to please his Education Minnesota masters has cancelled in person school despite no school children having died of COVID in the entire state. The evidence shows as a result kids are failing school in epic numbers and become socially depressed and even suicidal in growing numbers. To put a cherry on top of the misery heaped on the mothers of school children he cancelled youth sports activities, even the outdoor ones. None of these activities have any scientific basis for outright cancellation according to the CDC, but he wont let science and evidence get in the way of a good tyranny. The Vikings, Wild, and Timberwolves will be allowed to play every weekend, but less vulnerable school children are not. Mothers have noticed. There are many growing groups of upset women banding together to display their upset and stop the madness. Reopen Minnesota Schools wants the schools open now, and LET THEM PLAY, a non-profit lobby with over 23,000 FB members HAS FILED SUIT AGAINST WALZ FOR CLOSING DOWN SCHOOL AND YOUTH SPORTS WITHOUT ANY SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE. Since the US govt is declaring school and youth sports are relatively safe its likely Governor Assistant Football Coach will lose if the judges aren’t 100% DFL butt lickers (current records state MN judges are 90% DFL butt lickers)

Let Them Play, about the lawsuit here – https://www.startribune.com/let-them-play-mn-sues-walz-seeking-to-end-youth-sports-pause/573362701/

WOMEN BUSINESS OWNERS HAVE HAD IT AND ARENT TAKING HIS CRAP ANYMORE – Earlier this year Sarah at the Iron Waffle Coffee Company in Lakeshore MN told Keith Ellison and MNHealth they could go pound sand if they thought they were going to try and force mask rules on her. Last I heard Ellison is still afraid of Sarah and she’s still selling cinnamon rolls and coffee every morning. Larvita McFarquhar in Lynd MN owns a dance studio, gymnastics training gym, and a casual dining restaurant and since the last shutdown order would close all three and all her income she told Walz to go pound sand too. With the help of her patriotic Lyon County Sheriff, Eric Wallen, and the good people of the SWHHS Board that refuse to punish business owners, Larvita is open everyday. The latest woman to decide her health, her business, and her employees were none of the Governor’s business is Jane Moss at Boardwalk Bar and Grill in East Grand Forks. Jane opened yesterday to indoor dining, and providing Polk County officials and East Grand Fork city council have enough fortitude to just hang up on phone calls from St Paul, she is staying open. The majority of small and franchised fitness, dance, gymnastic, and gym businesses are women owned and they too are talking about opening up whether Walz allows it or not. Another brave set of women outshining the politicians and their example has led to a building movement that will see several hundred business opening in the next week in defiance of Governor Dunkin Donuts.

Sarah and the Iron Waffle are the original “Kiss My Ass Ellison” badasses – https://bringmethenews.com/minnesota-news/nisswa-restaurant-iron-waffle-remains-open-in-defiance-of-mask-order

Larvita got her food license back from a patriotic SWHHS Board days ago and is still open – https://www.marshallindependent.com/news/local-news/2020/12/swhhs-reinstates-havens-garden-license/

Jane at Boardwalk Bar and Grill in East Grand Forks IS OPEN TODAY< GO EAT! – FULL STORY AND VIDEO – https://www.kroxam.com/2020/12/10/east-grand-forks-restaurant-bar-opens-wednesday-night-in-defiance-of-governors-orders/

Rocks And Cows can tell you from spending this last election cycle around all nature of political organizers and issue advocates that Tim Walz cant win against the determination of the many active women we have had the privilege to meet, and they are many. In addition to the small business and school /sports issues women are the leaders and force behind most of the effective conservative political orgs, interest groups, and issue advocates.

Walz is in the twilight of his dictator phase, and I’m pretty sure the women will be the ones to put it down permanently.