Jay Duggan March 25, 2021

Rocks and Cows country already knows how the metro Green New Deal socialists feel about us. They tell us all the time. Between the DFL legislators, state regulators, and the liberal metro environmentalist donors the message is loud and clear. They are doing their utmost to punish with regulations, never ending lawsuits, and higher energy costs: logging, paper, mining, feedlots, row crop ag, sand pit operators, pipelines, dairies, power plants, and anybody else that owns a gun, more than 1/2 acre, or an off-road vehicle of any kind. Do I even need to mention Governor Potato Head calling us all “systemically racist” for a year solid?

Representatives Jeremy Munson and Cal Bahr thought maybe we should take the kooks up on their not so subtle hint about hating our guts. They authored and submitted HF 2423, a bill to put official path for a divorce of Rocks and Cows territory from “Minnesota” on the ballot in 2022. It approved it still requires 2/3 of the legislature to vote twice, and then the people to vote 2/3 one more time to be a done deal if Congress accepts. We could be our own state, join South or North Dakota, or even Iowa or a mix if the counties voted differently.

May be an image of text that says 'HF 2423: Joins Rural MN And South Dakota REPUBLICAN'
(Image directly from New House Repb Caucus post about HF 2423)

Of course it isn’t going to happen with multiple 2/3 hurdles, but I believe the point of Jeremy and Cal’s bill is to further outline exactly how disenfranchised Greater Minnesota feels from the power center OF BOTH PARTIES IN ST PAUL, and that they need to pay attention that a one size fits all liberal metro agenda doesn’t suit an entire state as large as Minnesota. The Mpls DFL commies are always whining about us being a fiscal drag and knuckle dragging church going gun owners that treat nature like a grocery store (well no shit, that’s what its there for). Be interesting to see all the urban whiners mumble about “One Minnesota” and other nonsense on unity while rejecting the divorce idea after spending the last year solid calling us all racist money sucking trash.

Reality is we are stuck. The Green New Deal commies are too stupid to feed themselves, fix anything, or produce any tangible goods and materials SO THEY NEED US. The most important reason they won’t admit to forcing us to stay shackled to the insane self-hating corpse is they need somebody to feel culturally superior to, and to punish and pay the price for their crazy climate hoax religion to make themselves feel superior without actually bearing any real burden.

All cheer Munson and Bahr. Read more details of their plan at Jeremy’s Facebook page HERE. Call you state legislator and make them sign on to HF 2423. After calling us all racist garbage for a year I want to hear the DFL socialists tell us how lucky we are TO HAVE THEM and that they won’t even let us vote on leaving.

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  1. Why not just cut them out of Minnesota and let them make their own little country! Aside from that you have cut out some very important areas that don’t like the cities. I am 25 miles NW of Duluth and not included in your new map.

  2. Obviously we need to be bigger pains in the ass! I agree with Eric! This needs to happen. Do we know if this is gaining traction at all?

  3. Don’t put NE.MN. with the cities. We are not part of them & never will be.

  4. I am in favor of the split to join South Dakota, I’m sick of Waltz,Ellenton, kobachar and Omar toning this state into the ground. The time for a change is hear.

  5. Im curious as to why Pine and Carlton counties are not involved in this? Is it becouse of the casino’s? I know there are many in these two counties, myself included, that what no part of Walz, the metro area and the democratic ways….

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