We have heard first hand, many recountings, of those who have gone under, will go under soon, or that are mortgaging their futures to survive. We have heard about the small towns that no longer have a meeting place, on top of closed schools and churches. The shutdowns have to stop. The destruction will be lasting.

We also cheerlead those that want to “ReOpen” but “ReOpen” it is not our plan, effort, or management. Since we aren’t owners of closed businesses we don’t know the risks, costs, or legal exposure and don’t understand all the decisions that need to be made. We aren’t “recruiting”. Those on the front lines of Walz’s economic disaster have to make those tough choices amongst themselves.

We will be there to help those ppl that do ReOpen to get the word out. We will try and influence public officials to support these desperate business owners who have had their rights violated. We can tell others where to support funding for fines and legal challenges. We will continue to point out the Governor’s executive orders under emergency powers have devolved into unconstitutional criminal law making, and fight those political figures that think a COVID surge justifies eliminating the MN Constitution.

This had to be said by Rocks And Cows of Minnesota as some people have asked us if we give advice and assistance planning to “ReOpen”. We haven’t, we can’t, we won’t, we shouldn’t. It wouldn’t be valuable advice anyways, since it’s not us at risk.

Please support all closed businesses any way you can whether they “ReOpen” or not. We will continue to do so. We want them all open PERMANENTLY. We want them all open NOW.

If Governor Walz cared he would announce to desperate people what his future plan is. We all know he intends to extend shutdowns if he retains his emergency powers this special session, and he doesn’t even have the courtesy or respect for the business owners to admit it.