Jay Duggan. February 22, 2021

The US govt instituted the PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) loan program to help small business pay their employees during THE GOVT ORDERED SHUTDOWNS and keep the employees off of unemployment in hopes of keeping businesses intact for a recovery. Small portions of the loans are allowed to cover rent, utilities, equipment payments, etc, if 75% or more went directly to paychecks.

This program is not a windfall for the business borrowers and never was intended to be. Its a life support survival mechanism. The US govt is not going to tax the money, mostly because it’s a loan.

WHO WOULD TAX BUSINESS SURVIVAL LIFE LINE LOANS? You only get one guess, and it rhymes with “the Mpls DFL”. Yes, the Mpls DFL and Rep. Paul Marquart (the Chairman of the House tax committee) wants to tax business survival loans that almost entirely went out the door as payroll. Rep. Erik Mortensen blew the whistle of alarm on the Mpls DFL and Marquart.

(The DFL thinks NOT taxing PPP loans costs the state money)

Your reward for enrolling in a govt program to keep paychecks coming to employees during a government ordered shutdown and keep them off unemployment? A 10% tax on your payroll. For payroll made during a shutdown lasting one year in Dictator Walz’s Minnesota gets you a 10% Mpls DFL payroll tax ON BORROWED OR FORGIVEN PPP MONEY. Paul Marquart has supported Dictator Walz’s ONE YEAR shutdown and restrictions of business and refuses to vote to end the dictator powers. Paul now wants to pile new taxes on businesses desperate enough to borrow to stay afloat. Our hero. Fox 9 made another comprehensive report of the issue, including the tax committee statements.

Rocksandcows.org asked the Detroit Lakes Chamber of Commerce, in Paul’s district, if they had taken an official position on the matter. They referred me to their parent state chamber’s position. They forwarded the included graphic. It’s pretty obvious everybody but the big government puppets of the Mpls DFL thinks taxing business survival loans is a bad idea.

Rep. Paul Marquart is one those DFL house members that pretended to want to limit dictator powers when his vote didn’t matter. When the Republicans picked up seats and his vote would matter, then he flipped his vote back to supporting the dictatorship with all it’s shutdowns, restrictions, school closings, and youth sports mask mandates. Now he wants to tax business lifelines and grants.

CONTACT TAX CHAIRMAN REP. PAUL MARQUART at [email protected] or 218-233-9200

Tell Paul – No PPP taxes, open schools, unmask youth athletes, and REVOKE DICTATOR POWERS AND OPEN MN!

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