Jay Duggan October 24, 2021

Fergus Falls surgeon Dr. Jeff Horak was fired from Lake Region Healthcare in Fergus Falls on October 20th, for what the Dr told Valley News was “that my view and the views of my {medical) group were no longer congruent.” What views are those? Masking children in paper or cloth masks all day at school in response to COVID. Dr Horak believes the masks are useless against a virus and unnecessary in a population group that is statistically immune from any fatal affects of COVID. He also stated the decision of masks was a parent’s to make. It seems his medical practice group not only disagrees, but thinks that free speech is intolerable and fired him.

Dr Jeff Horak’s position on masks must have became a public point of contention between him and his medical group when he was asked by patients/parents to speak at the October 11th public meeting of the Fergus Falls Public Schools board. The meeting had mandatory mask policy on the agenda and a public comment period. Dr. Jeff spoke last in the comment period, and in a conservative community his testimony had credibility. The board did vote 4-2 against renewing mandatory masking after contentious public debate and comment. His testimony is below, starting at 1 hour 50 minutes.

(Full school board meeting, Dr Jeff at 1 hr 50min)

The school administration recommended continuing with masking, and had no evidence it was necessary or effective but quoted the recommendation to mask by MDH, CDC, Otter Tail Health Dept, 2 LAKE REGION HEALTHCARE DR’S, and several medical associations. Since Fergus Falls is a very conservative community it can be assumed the board voted their jobs and the parents will, and grudgingly tanked mandatory mask on a 4-2 vote. It would be a safe bet that the crowd determination and the testimony of Dr Jeff was relayed from somebody on the school board or teachers union to Lake Region Healthcare, and Rocks and Cows will find out if it is true after receiving the results of citizens’ official data requests that are going to made of the school district..

The community is justifiably outraged. Dr Jeff was requested to speak by his patients and parents in the district. The school board obviously felt his testimony was more accurate the the pleading of the administration and their legion of govt recommendations, or they would not have voted 4-2 to end mandatory masking. For speaking on an issue clearly in the overwhelming majority in his community and to be fired, does Lake Region dismiss the view of the community over their own? In lieu of other evidence, it would appear so.

LESSON? – When citizens do not get involved and stay involved the only community organizations of people that the politicians talk to are the chamber of commerce, the hospital and education administration groups, and business/ag interest lobbies. They then assume since nobody else comes out regular or gets involved those are the only interests they need to keep happy, thus you get an entire 2 years where nothing happens but every one of the interest groups gets a massive government spending boost and the business groups might dodge a tax hike. All of your issues get ignored and all of your decisions are made for you by the interest groups and the elected officials that feel the same way. If you want your community to reflect your desires you need to show up. When you don’t show up doctors that speak for the regular person in contradiction to the interest groups get fired for exercising free speech, your kids get masked, your job gets taken away for a jab mandate denial, and not a single elected official cares enough to comment. The people showed up for the school board meeting and the overwhelming crowd made the difference against an alphabet soup of govt recommendations. Show up for Dr. Jeff Horak and continue to make a difference.



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