Jay Duggan January 30, 2021

Senate Leader Paul Gazelka and Assistant Leader Karin Housley protect MNHealth’s Jan Malcolm from her failures. Why would they comfort Jan Malcolm when even they themselves have made public statements acknowledging her multitude of failures and negligence resulting in excess COVID deaths amongst the senior population? Many of those failures listed in detail HERE at RocksAndCows.org were even brought to public attention by Housley herself.

Rocks and Cows have been complaining about Jan Malcolm’s trail of death and incompetence across Minnesota for months, and demanding her firing since back in August when IT WAS DISCOVERED HER NURSING HOME INSPECTORS WERE ROAMING AROUND UNTESTED INFECTING SENIORS!

Why do they protect Jan Malcolm and refuse to send Dictator Walz a message that neglecting vulnerable seniors to instead dedicate efforts to the punishment of small business and school children will not be tolerated? BECAUSE THEY WANT HIS JOB, according to this Axios article, and they fear firing Jan Malcolm will offend a small sliver of independent suburban metro voters that admire politicians with no conviction or ability to set an agenda.


Paul and Karin will most assuredly tell us the sure way to win the governorship is to let Dictator Walz control the political narrative, to wait until all opportunity to present an alternative with action has passed, and restrict yourself to solely complaining about Walz on the election stump.

When asked about jumping into the 2022 governor race Housley was not deterred by her last statewide failure to even come within 10 points of a Senator having less than 50% name recognition, and cheerfully stated that, “We’re talking about it!” Well Rocks and Cows are “talking about it” too. Talking about tanking your gubernatorial aspirations and then finding a primary candidate to replace you in the senate since you whine incessantly but never take action for the people that voted you into office.

Axios inquired of Paul Gazelka’s commonly accepted ambitions to be governor, but since he is buried in the difficult task of surrendering to Walz in regular session the right time to inquire would be to “Ask me in the summer.” If Jan Malcolm still has a job at the end of February he might be counting primary opponents and county party censures in his own district long before summer.

Check out all the quotes and rumors from others circling the governors race, listed again HERE.

Rock and Cows are sick of these career surrender monkeys begging us every election cycle to vote their swamp mooching butts into office so they “can fight for us”, only to be betrayed by inaction and eventual rubber stamping of the full DFL social and spending priorities in last minute omnibus bill agreements.

Contact Paul Gazelka and Karin Housley and let them know that if they can’t stick up for us and FIRE JAN MALCOLM they can forget about being governor OR senators.

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