Staff September 09, 2021

Rep Erik Mortensen received a call in early August from a Bonnevista Terrace neighborhood (Jackson Township) constituent, asking if he could help him with a Scott County aid request. The constituent was a gentleman named Jerome, and he wanted help to get resolution for a county request of assistance to get a wheelchair ramp installed. Jerome had his ankle crushed years ago in US Army basic training and after 20 surgeries and years on a concrete machine shop floor the doctors concluded this year he would be better off with a fancy new leg instead of a 21st surgery. Buried in medical deductibles Jerome asked the county for some help since he will be in a wheelchair for many months before being able to get fitted, get therapy, and start using his new leg. When the county did not respond to multiple inquiries Jerome tried his State Representative, and that’s where Erik comes in.

(Jerome lives in Bonnevista Terrace, Jackson Township, in Erik’s district)
(This old ramp was ok for a bum leg, but not a wheelchair)

Erik understood that even if the county was to get a request thru the proper channels it was unlikely to find any resolution in time for the need. He decided to solve the problem himself. Erik called Rocks & Cows and asked if we would help, and of course we said yes. Rocks & Cows would be happy to help design and build a ramp for Jerome. Erik then followed up on a suggestion to see if Siwek Lumber could be of assistance, and after a personal visit and inquiry Dave Siwek of Siwek Lumber in Jordan MN offered to supply ALL the materials for the project. Erik provided contacts with the county to assist in the building permit process, and Scott County waived the building fee to smooth the process along.

It was a small crew, but some folks from Rocks & Cows came to build and worked at heavy labor with Erik Mortensen for 2 days, and an assist from Kyle at Scott County GOP to haul waste for free, and 1 of Jerome’s co-workers for labor help….and you have a new wheelchair ramp in time for surgery day.

( BOOM -New ramp, wheelchair approved)
(Erik, Jerome, and a new 42 foot wheelchair ramp just in time for Jerome’s Sept. 9 surgery)

Conservatives always speak of not relying on the govt to solve every problem, and this is another example of how everybody can help to get the job done. None of this is surprising to us. Erik previously donated his govt salary raise to the local Eagles and they in turn supported a local lady buried in medical expenses. We at Rocks & Cows are proud to know and help Rep. Erik Mortensen.

A special thank you to the Siwek family at Siwek Lumber in Jordan. Donating over $2500 in materials to build the ramp and never asked or put a limit on their assistance. They are very good people with a very good organization. SIWEK LUMBER DESIGNS, ENGINEERS, SUPPLIES, AND DELIVERS COMPLETE POLE BUILDING PROJECTS (and garages, sheds, and houses) STATEWIDE and hopefully Rocks & Cows in need will call Dave Siwek at 952-492-6666 for an estimate if they have need.

(Thank you Dave Siwek, Siwek Lumber, and the whole gang that made it happen!)

Rocks & Cows Care – Your tshirt and donation money might end up in an advertisement highlighting “King Walz” but for the most part money not solicited for a marketing campaign ends up in wheelchairs, food pantry donations and collections, legal aid checks to small business fighting Ellison, tshirts or stickers for startup parent groups, supplies/supply drives for soldiers and police, and similar. In this case YOU bought Jerome some concrete, tubes, hardware, and concrete patio blocks for a wheelchair ramp.


  1. What an outstanding group to help a guy out like this.
    Thank you all so much.

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