Jay Duggan June 19, 2022

Minnesota’s electricity provider association (MISO – Midcontinent Independent Systems Operators) warns that coal and gas electricity plants are closing faster than the wind and solar hoax can backfill, and high summer temperatures make “rolling blackouts” likely across their service area, including Minnesota. MISO has been identified as the most vulnerable blackout region in the US. Their spokesman also told The Star Tribune he expects, “These types of conditions to prevail for many years.” Xcel Energy communications office reportedly agreed with the MISO assessment and noted to news outlets they were enhancing mitigation plans.

(Why is anybody “surprised”?)

Isaac Orr and the folks at American Experiment think tank have been warning for YEARS that King Walz and the DFL Green Cult putting reliability and affordability after the carbon-free goals is sending Minnesota down a road of high prices and uncertain reliability. MISO and Xcel Energy are just now admitting the obvious that Isaac has been documenting for years, that wind and solar aren’t ready to carry the load and without affordable abundant storage for storing energy when the wind and sun aren’t present (which Minnesota has none of, is so expensive it may never happen, and nationally is only at 3% of supply), closing traditional electricity generation plants is a recipe for disaster.

Even Germany, with govt energy and electricity offices run by the Green Party, are spooling up and adding coal power plants back onto their electric grid to combat natural gas shortages caused by Russia cutting them off. Germany has been working on green cult goals far longer than the US and still only gets 16% of their electricity from the wind and solar grift despite trillions thrown down the “renewable” energy rathole.

After watching electricity prices go sky high and reliability go into the toilet as state mandates increase for more wind and solar power, what does King Walz and the DFL Green Cult do? Close all 3 of the biggest electricity plant generators at Sherco in Becker Minnesota. Sherco #2 is slated to close and its 700 MegaWatts is to be replaced by a solar field that only makes 460 MegaWatts when the sun is shining. Anybody else notice 460<700, and the 460 is only when the sun shines when the 700 can run 24/7? Walz and the cult are also closing the Boswell electricity plants in Cohasset Minnesota that supplies all 800 MegaWatts of the reliable electricity for the entire Iron Range. The power company says they will build wind and solar to pick up the load. So what do iron mines and home heating do on a winter subzero night when the wind doesn’t blow? Maybe the DFL Range candidates and King Walz will hand out campaign sweaters this cycle! Bundle Up For Walz-Lislegard 2022!

(This is the visual description of the Walz-DFL electricity plan)

If Minnesota wants to be assured the lights come on when the switch is flipped, the heat comes on during a dark Polar Vortex night, or the A/C comes on during a heat wave? Tinpot Tyrant Timmy Walz and his DFL cult followers need to be fired in November. The Green Cult and their war on the citizens and industry only ends when their reign of economic terror ends.


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