Jay Duggan November 15, 2020

[Update 11/18 – Sheriff told R&C they weren’t looking for, or fining, anybody. Shortly after out inquiries to the Sheriff the Mayor recanted enforcement intent on radio and the Facebook post was removed. Walz issued more strict orders since then and closed bars/restaurants/gyms, so be vigilant and let us know of any new action in Winona. Congrats on the win Rocks and Cows!]

Hello Minnesota! Welcome to the new Dictator Walz police state and the Winona Quisling complicity. The City of Winona will have the fire department out checking bars and restaurants starting at 9pm for compliance with new shutdown and restriction orders, and they will have the police department cruising neighborhoods during the holidays to insure that group of cars parked on the curb doesn’t mean you have 10+ people inside the house! To top it off the City of Winona is threatening business license revocations, liquor license removals, and fines for individuals. Welcome to Gulag Minnesota! Now shut up and put on your mask!

Text from the City of Winona Facebook notice BELOW – https://www.facebook.com/cityofwinonacovid19/photos/a.114514380183857/196829218619039/


Our fire department will be out starting at 9pm today, checking bar and restaurant capacities and reminding owners of the new state order to close at 10pm.Police will be in neighborhoods and downtown, checking for gatherings larger than 10 people indoors or outdoors. Enforcement can include temporary closures or looking at liquor licenses for bars and restaurants, and social host ordinance violations and/or individual tickets for gatherings. We know this a new change, and yet another challenge for these small business owners. We also know how serious and uncontrolled the COVID surge is and are committed to doing what we can to help limit the spread. Many restaurants have redoubled efforts again around takeout, delivery and curbside pickup – please consider supporting them as much as you’re able!”

  1. Remember this when election time comes around. You put these people in office.

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