Jay Duggan February 28. 2021

Red Wing City Council put Police Chief Roger Pohlman on administrative leave February 10, and then officially fired him on February 18 after his refusal to resign.

RocksAndCows.org reported the incident and the City Council’s BLM activism and Walz’s executive order enforcement orders that likely precipitated the final showdown and firing. The Chief had other detractors in town, but it appears being a conservative leaning Chief and the extremism of council progressive politics clashed and did him in.

Rocks and Cows was informed shortly after the transpiring of the firing that there was significant Red Wing citizen discontent with this latest display of the extremely radial City Council, led by activist in charge Council President Becky Norton. It seems looking for racism under every rock and in every action or word of city government, with a full BLM City Council witch hunt insinuating racism on anybody not fully in agreement, was the last straw.

A group of citizens including business people and citizens of local government experience past and present met last week and then again this last weekend. It seems discussion was had to end the extreme politics within City Council, and after reviewing the City Charter it was decided acquiring signatures from 20% of a Ward’s voters to trigger a recall election for each progressive extremist on the council is within reason to accomplish. It appears the word has gotten out to the papers too.

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(Walz deserves it more, but Red Wing gets it this time)

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When you list all the crazy manifestations of progressive idiocracy in today’s politics Bias Becky Norton and the Red Wing City Council has displayed most of them. Red Wing had a go at making Walz’s executive orders on masks and gatherings outdoors locally enforceable crimes, instituted a “systemic racism” advisory panel to “fix” Red Wing, espouses 1619 Project belief, and an unrealistic kook climate plan to reduce emissions 80% by 2040. That type of expensive and/or non-sensical virtue signaling is just a further continuation of other crazy City ideas since 2012, like spending $2 million of city money on solar panels that will only make $2 million in electricity over ten years, and running a mayor out of town because he had the audacity to take a job consulting for business owners that sold sand (sand is evil if you want to sell it to oil drillers). Red Wing has a recent history of stupid and progressive actions that are proof if you pander to stupid long enough you eventually get your police chief fired by the “systemic racism” purity team.

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