Jay Duggan January 22, 2021

After George Floyd died at the hands of police during an arrest Governor Walz and Mayor Frey took turns excusing any passionate feelings that resulted in violence, more or less invited groups to protest and vent their “righteous anger”, and then proceeded to watch Minneapolis burn for 4 days. When the proper amount of venting was allowed their constituents and supporters, and all the furthest left progressive orgs had been mobilized politically, Walz finally called out the National Guard. He asked the volunteer soldier “white nationalists” from Rocks and Cows country to gear up and come bail his butt out and put a stop to the riots.

During that period of time many in the MNGOP, including Jeremy Munson, warned us after the riots that the Mpls DFL would make the Rocks and Cows foot the bill for their arson and riot display that torched Minneapolis and portions of St Paul. Walz took no time at all asking for government bailout money, first federal assistance and then bonding money from the legislature. Trump said no to federal funds, the MNGOP only inserted State Trooper reimbursement in the bonding bill, BUT RIGHT AFTER THE ELECTION WALZ EMPTIED THE STATE DISASTER RELIEF FUND TO MAKE A $11.7 MIL DOWNPAYMENT ON THE RIOTS.

The Minneapolis tried in June of 2020 to make Rocs and Cows pay the bill, and they have reintroduced the measure again. The bill is House File 6.

The Rocks and Cows tab to clean up Walz and Frey burning Minneapolis for 4 days? The “mostly peaceful displays of 1st Amendment rights…” (yes, the bill really says that) will cost and contain at least this much:

  1. $300 million of general funds. A “Community Repair Panel” distributes $125 million in grants to rectify property and business damage until funds are exhausted, and $167 million is doled out to all the progressive non-profits with “equity” centered guidelines by a “Civil Unrest Relief Program” centered around Minneapolis and St Paul government.
  2. A new government agency the “Metropolitan Area Redevelopment Corporation”, is essentially stood up to be the Met Council on racial equity do-gooderism and as the funding source for all things’ “social justice” in regards to redevelopment. Its essentially a Mpls DFL progressive non-profit slush fund and municipal government monetary pressure lever. All board members are selected by the Governor, Lt Gov , Sec State, and AG. ONLY MINORITIES or NATIVE AMERICANS ARE ALLOWED TO APPLY. They must be from the affected riot areas initially and the money only gets spent in the affected riots areas or areas lacking “racial equity” BUT THEY HAVE THE POWER TO SALES TAX THE ENTIRE 7 COUNTY METRO AREA 1/8% SALES TAX…FOREVER.
  3. Add in rent control on anybody taking a nickel from any of these organizations, the power of cities to condemn and resell private property in wide swaths of the Minneapolis and St Paul business districts, and you get the idea this is really just a power grab to fund the Mpls DFL inner city social division machine forever.
  4. The legislation DOES NOT TERMINATE ANY OF THE PROGRAMS OR BOARDS OR COMMITTEES AFTER THE FUNDS ARE EXHAUSTED. The bill simply states in some cases they are funded only for this budget cycle. It will be expected for the Mpls DFL to ask for more money to keep these government make work jobs funded well into the future during other budget cycles.

The George Floyd riot rebuilding is more or less just the justification to institute, and taxpayer fund, a Chicago-style metropolitan centered progressive political machine. All the progressive non-profits and ancillary Mpls DFL political players not already on the government payroll will have new committee, board, or agency jobs, or get a grant from them. Everybody dependent on the Mpls DFL machine has a place and a monetary loyalty to the orgs and party that pays for their winter vacation, payroll, or children’s college fund. Virtue signaling the Mpls DFL concern for social equity problems and the need to fund the previously left out progressive wing of the DFL metropolitan political machine is solved all in one bill AND PAID FOR BY ROCKS AND COWS UP FRONT and by the 7 county metro suckers FOREVER.

Don’t take my word for it. GO READ HOUSE FILE 6 WITH A BARF BAG CLOSE BY. Everything in their bill can be accomplished by existing city, county, and state agencies if distributing rebuilding aid fast was the goal. Its not. Its a down payment and permanent funding mechanism to solidfy the Mpls DFL machine. (Personally, if I was Greater MN DFL I would be insulted. This will be a $1 BILLION grift over 10 yrs and they didn’t cut you in FOR EVEN A NICKEL so they could keep you on the reelection donation short leash.)

A single line of this bill making it into permanent law is a betrayal of any and all conservative principles of sound government accountable to the people, and a slap in the face to the Rocks and Cows that did not invite their supporters to come and burn Minneapolis or St Paul for 4 days. On the contrary, Rocks and Cows in desert camo came in tan Humvees to end the riots and bail Mr. Potato Head out. They owe us. A thank you, and to pay their own bill.

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Recall Walz No Graphic Unisex Hoodie – Rocks and Cows Of Minnesota
  1. I wish proper grammar was used on hoodie. It should read, “Recall Walz for being an ass.”

  2. Thay should all go to jail or go hell for not doing thare job I have no faith in government

  3. I’ve already e-mailed Rep. Marquart about this bill, he did not respond. My prior experience tells me his lack of response is an indication that he disagrees with my position and will like vote for this bill. If you’re in his district, I urge you to contact him.

  4. And yet thousands of people from Rocks and Cows country vote DFL over and over. We get what we deserve. The only solution is secession from MN and join North or South Dakota.

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