We have survived a year of emergency powers and out of control health officials. We have scrapped by as our government has taken our liberty and livelihoods away. All in the name of stopping a virus so deadly it has a estimated 99.66% survival rate.

After all of that Minnesota health officials now want families with kids in school to get tested every two weeks until the end of the school year. Claiming increased testing will help limit the spread of Covid-19.

Assistant Health Commissioner Dan Huff was quoted saying “Over the past few months, the number of students attending in-person classes has significantly increased, with thousands more expected to return to the classroom in coming weeks. To protect this progress, we need to use all the tools at our disposal. Testing can help spot a single case early and prevent it from becoming many cases.”

At this time testing is not required, but is said to be just as important as wearing mask and social distancing. It is also important to note health officials recommend that those that have already been vaccinated for Covid-19 should also be tested regularly.

What’s to stop a Governor or health officials with emergency powers from making this a requirement? The seeds are being planted now. Only saying no to the testing now will stop them from requiring testing in the future.

It has been a year of emergency powers, do not settle for crumbs. Only settle for a 100% open Minnesota, never give up liberty for a false security.

Demand The Senate Fires Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm Now!

Fire Jan Malcolm Now!

We demand Minnesota Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka and the rest of the Senate Republicans fire Commissioner Jan Malcolm now!

Jan Malcolm has continuously supported Governor Walz’s tyrannical emergency powers. The time has come to fire her, and promote a replacement who will help end the shutdowns and illegal emergency powers.

We demand Paul Gazelka and the rest of the Senate Republican stand up for the people and small businesses of Minnesota!

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Source: Find out more about testing here.

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One thought on “Health Officials Want Minnesota Families With Kids In School To Be Tested For Covid-19 Every 2 Weeks.”
  1. This is so messed up. I am not subjecting myself or my kid to that BULL? I am 99.999999999 percent done with all of this nazi behavior. If I have to I will quit my well paying job and move the hell out of this state just to get away from this control freak Walz and so called health professionals. Which means no more taxes paid by my hard work to kill little babies and support their luxury life styles. And They’ve been wrong about everything else and they are not testing me or my kid every 2 week they can FUXXX the FUXXXXXXXXXX off.

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