Jay Duggan March 10, 2021

Dr. Scott Jensen (formerly State Senator for Carver County) will be announcing he is running for governor. reports Bring Me The News. A lifelong Minnesotan with a 20 year medical practice in Chaska, he retired from the Senate last year. Dr. Jensen has remained politically active during the Walz COVID “emergency”, questioning all the political pressures manipulating decisions in medicine and government. His questioning had butthurt DFL propaganda bots, who reported him not once, but three times to the Medical Board for review. All reviews came to naught.

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The Doctor questioned the disappearance of the flu tracking data, the over inclusion of COVID on death certificates, and the Governor making drastic school and business restrictions in contravention of previous standard medical recommendation. Nothing chaps a big government socialist like questioning authority, and his video associating Dictator Potato Head’s actions with those present in an abusive relationship may have been what got the last baseless whiny complaint to the Medical Board.

Dr Scott Jensen’s announcement for Governor is peak Butthurt for the DFL not only because he has questioned big government COVID convention, but now The Flannel Idiot will be confronted with some of these deductions and be forced to account for himself to more than a smiling media puppet on the other end of his lies. The Head DFL Sleestack, Ken Whatshisface, is obviously SCARED SHITLESS OF DR JENSEN because he has a whole section of their website devoted to discrediting the good doctor. The funny part? Almost every assertion of the doctors proved out in the end, and the rest are character association exercises conflating Dr. Jensen with the ideas of the people he shared his information with. The DFL thinks if you tell an anti-vax person that the state is calling car wreck victims COVID deaths then it isn’t true. Except it happened.

Well, the big game has finally started and Dictator Walz will at least be fact checked and reported thru media interviews of Dr Jensen going forward. Rocks and Cows are very interested to see if the Republican Senate led by Paul Gazelka will also put on their big boy pants and start asking Walz tough questions about his COVID actions relating to nursing homes and senior care.

Will Jan Malcolm be sent packing? Does the Senate leave Dr. Jensen hanging out to dry fighting the Walz COVID lies himself, until Walz declares his own media supported COVID management victory?

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  1. Will you please announce on Facebook (and elsewhere) as soon as Dr. Jensen’s campaign website is up and running? Thanks.

  2. California has collected enough signatures to recall Newsom!
    And Biden is going against Gov. DeSantis and others who Dare defy the tyranny.

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