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Minnesotans have endured more than six months of emergency executive orders issued by Governor Tim Walz, also known as King Walz. The king’s rationale for extending these orders continues to move from one reason to another. First it was a model that predicated 9,000 to 36,000 deaths from COVID-19. The number of deaths to date is 2,020. Next we had to flatten the curve. That appeared to happen around mid-June when daily deaths decreased (see accompanying MN Dept. of Health graph). When death counts and numbers hospitalized began to go down, then the focus became case counts. News stories daily make a point of scaring us with the previous day’s case counts. Of course, the fact that much increased testing is resulting in these increased number of cases generally seems to go unmentioned. The latest reason for a continuation of the emergency order is that the fall and winter flu season is upon us and we have to be ready to help, especially those living in under-served communities, whatever those are.

Jan Malcolm MDH Commissioner

In the meantime, we continue to experience the even heavier hand of governmental bureaucratic intrusions into our lives. We’re still not singing in our lightly attended churches, thanks to the king’s orders. We can go to a rodeo if we are one of the lucky few allowed to take a seat. Any large group, outside of a riot, is frowned upon. Sturgis motorcycle rally? Nah, even though only a few of the 450,000 who attended died. Trump rally? Be scared of that. (Hah!) Then we have Department of Health and CDC workers showing up unannounced at people’s doors to offer Covid and antibody tests. Oh, and then there are the agents out looking for a bar to tag for inadequate following of the king’s orders.

Lt Gov Peggy Flanagan

There are three facts that skeptical people can’t ignore. One, the survival rate for this virus is well into the upper ninety percent range and varies by demographic age group. Most people show few if any symptoms. Of course, we still have to fear these people after they’re caught out by the testers. Two, the great majority of deaths are in populations of at-risk people: those with lung disease, untreated high blood pressure, gross obesity, and diabetes, among others. Minorities complain that rates of death in their communities are higher (the disease must be racist), but few people are willing to say what they see. Many people are at risk: they have one or more pre-existing conditions. Three, 72 percent of deaths occur in long-term care facilities (nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and group homes). Old people die. That is nature’s way.

Now, back to the title of this post, just who is Tim Walz? What we learn about him tells us most of what we need to know about his thinking. Tim Walz is from Nebraska. He is the son of a public school administrator and community activist. He went to college and earned a degree in social studies education. Walz’s first teaching experience was at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. He then accepted a teaching position with WorldTeach in the People’s Republic of China. While serving as a teacher in Minnesota, he joined the Minnesota National Guard, where after a number of years, he attained the highest non-commissioned officer rank. Just prior to his unit deploying to Iraq, he resigned from the Guard. Later, while continuing his teaching career, Walz and his wife ran Educational Travel Adventures, accompanying high school juniors and seniors on summer educational trips to China. He later was voted into Congress and then resigned to run for governor.

Thus we see that Walz came from community activist and public employee parentage. I think Barack Obama had community activist experience. Birds of a feather there. He has a great affinity for the supposedly downtrodden victims of our country, and he has spent considerable time in a Communist country.

Is it then only a coincidence that Walz seems to savor his power over us? I don’t think it is a coincidence at all. For all freedom loving Minnesotans, Tim Walz’s reign must end.

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    1. I too was thinking he too much time spent in China being influenced by communism and its evil power hungry government

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