Jay Duggan October 31, 2021

Minnesota, like other states with strong Democrat systems, has made the news around parent rejection of Democrat and teachers union dominated school boards insisting on going full progressive whack job to mask the kids and to indoctrinate them with progressive politics, especially hyper sexualization, and divisive Critical Race Theory/CRT. We have all heard about the Loudon County Virginia school board that covered up a rape to allow their gender bender restroom policy to be implemented without strong objection, and nobody has missed Sleepy Joe Biden and the National School Board Association directing the FBI to investigate upset parents at school board meetings as “domestic terrorists”. The school boards, DFL, and Education Minnesota (teachers union) in Minnesota couldn’t be that crazy? Could they? You would be surprised. In addition to a very likely participation from the Minnesota School Board Association in having the FBI set on parents, the local school board progressive crazy is at a fever pitch now that parents have figured out they are nothing but DFL and Education MN political union controlled bodies. Pull up a chair and let us take a tour around Minnesota of the school board crazy, and the parents fighting back since COVID started.

LET THEM PLAY – Their resident hero Dawn Gillman, went to war for the kids first. Walz and the machine tried to cancel Fall high school sports and mask the kids at play last year. Dawn assembled an army of 20,000 moms and threw enough weight around that the Governor and the MSHSL (high school sports governing body) backed down and the football season was reinstated. Dawn and Let Them Play inspired similar movements in many other states. In Minnesota they continued to fight unnecessary mask mandates, even suing the MSHSL and the MN Dept of Health, and discovered email communications between the MN Dept of Health employees and political consultants admiting that they were masking kids for politics and not for scientific or data driven reasons. You can still find Dawn and Let Them Play advocating for the kids ⁸HERE.

SARTELL – Sartell parents following up on an “equity” survey of the kids full of political bias and loaded questions discovered that the school district tried to slip a no bid contract for the new Critical Race Theory “equity” assessment and survey past the parents using COVID emergency money. Sartell Parents got organized, threatened to sue the school board, and the board backed down. The board extricated themselves from the Critical Race Theory implementation contract and survey trying to save face. The board refused to fully comply with parent requests around the CRT issue, are still trying to push the equity and CRT garbage in other forms, and have been sued by the parents to get disclosure and transparency. The board next implemented mandatory masking on the kids, in what parents interpreted as revenge for catching the board in a lie and sneak political implementation. The Sartell parents group is organized, still fighting, still suing, and is found HERE.

BEMIDJI – Bemidji parents, like parents in most Rocks & Cows country districts, had been told all summer that their kids would not be masked again. Of course when the issue became a political football for the governor and DFL they demanded all Greater MN districts fall into compliance, need or not, to keep the COVID fear forever agenda intact. They hesitated when the parents came in force to the public meetings and formed Bemidji Parents Union, but the board gathered their wits and jammed thru masking. Last count was the district lost over 200 students to open enrollment because of the mask policy. Bemidji Parents Union is currently fighting their insane school board that thinks this is a perfect environment in which to have a levy vote and raise taxes. Bemidji Parents Union can be found, still fighting, HERE.

STILLWATER – The school board called forth the police in a public meeting and to trespass and evict parents frustrated with masking, CRT equity garbage, and financial mismanagement, for quietly holding paper “VOTE NO’ (on the coming levy) signs. In that same meeting a teachers spouse was cited for misdemeanor assault of a “VOTE NO” parent. Local State Senator, Karin Housley, sided with the school board and teachers union against the parents and police. Yet another school board that is convinced calling cops on the parents is a good lead in to asking for a levy vote to hike school taxes.

(Psychopath Stillwater Public Schools teacher calls cops to stop parents at school board meeting from….. “clapping” and “booing”)

SHAKOPEE – Calling cops on parents isn’t tough enough for the Shakopee school board. They get people who make Facebook comments against the school board fired from their jobs. Tara, who works the part-time one-teller bank bank branch in the High School made a comment how the school board was disrespecting a parent during public comment, so the Superintendent and school board demanded to her employer she be fired and she was. A fund to help Tara pay bills after the school board got her fired was set up by State Representative Erik Mortensen.

FERGUS FALLS – The board finally succumbed to pressure from the county, state, and union and masked the kids over the Delta wave. When the board held another school board meeting to debate letting mandatory masks expire the county, state, local hospital, and union all lobbied with fear porn to keep masks forever. A local surgeon, Dr Jeff Horak, came to the public meeting and spoke simple truths against masking and for parental rights to decide. Dr Horak was fired by his medical practice, likely with school board pressure, since its not allowed to oppose a school board or a hospital when it comes to masking children. There was a protest and speech by the DR in town, and he has since been on national TV discussing the protest and firing.

(Dr Horak and Dr Jensen waiting to address nearly a thousand ppl at Fergus Falls Fight For Freedom rally.)

WAYZATA – The progressive and union supporters for the teachers union backed school board candidates in the Nov 2 race actually printed an article on their blog that the slate needed to win “to defend CRT in the schools”. The kooks deleted the article when it was pointed out they are not supposed to call it CRT cuz it ruins the DFL lie that the CRT fight is really just a disagreement on “history” content in schools. They should have left it up, cuz the school district already promised on paper to fight “systemic racism” and teach each kid to “understand our implicit biases” and “practice anti-racist behavior”. It’s all code for teaching the kids they are racists or victims and then beating the “white privilege” out of them in the process of turning them into little progressive culture warriors.

LAKEVILLE – The Lakeville school board is all in on equity and CRT for kids of all ages in their schools and the parents organized, flooded public meetings, went viral in national attention, and put forth a board candidate for the Nov 2 election.

RICHFIELD – Richfield school board has been caught teaching near pornographic material, in the name of health and social acceptance, to the youngest of kids. It was outlined in full disgusting detail by Julie Quist of Children’s Protection League.

DOVER-EYOTA – The Dover-Eyota school board decided to call the Olmsted County Sheriff on parents objecting to the mask mandate, and had them trespassed out of the Oct 11 public meeting for refusing to wear masks. Several of the board members have been seen in indoor public events wearing no masks despite their decrees for students and public meetings.

ALBERT LEA – The school board has been flooded with parent public meeting involvement, and several of the union DFL members are so sick of having to deal with their own constituents that they have been caught on tape telling the parents to shut up, before they cut a meeting short and closed it to avoid any parent comments. The Superintendent has also been caught on video bullying around the 2 sane board members

ROCHESTER – The school board has trespassed citizens from school property for a year for daring to not wear a mask at public meeting. Of course board members in Rochester have been caught multiple times in other dense indoor locations without a mask, but the school district is run by an experienced Clinton Administration hand so some hypocrisy comes with the territory.

ORONO – Orono board is no longer allowing parent public comment at board meetings, and has set up “listening sessions” with parents on random nights with only a couple board members present, so they don’t have to record, take notes, or respond to the parents with any public accountability. This is a trick multiple school boards INCLUDING MANKATO are pulling to avoid public meeting comment while a quorum is present and the requirement to record and broadcast any comment period.

HIBBING – Hibbing school board lied to parents all summer about not repeating mandatory masks, and when it became required by the DFL to maintain the COVID restrictions they didn’t even have the balls to do it in the meeting days before school started. Nope, cowards sent AN EMAIL during the afternoon on the first day of school. Since the school board is more or less telling their community to go screw themselves first the parents protested, and then the Hibbing parents retained a lawyer and will be suing the school district over the mask policy and you can support the mask suit HERE.

ROCK RIDGE – Parents in the newly combined Virginia-Eveleth school district had been paying attention and asking questions in public meetings about the creep of “equity” CRT garbage in their schools when the board obeyed the DFL in the metro and masked their kids too. The parents in Rock Ridge have sued their school board over unnecessary masking. Likely in response to the parents suing the school district, the board and administration doubled down on stupid to prove masks were necessary by canceling the homecoming party. The parents thru a homecoming party at the park and it was the party the kids deserved.

BRAINERD – The board and administration canceled homecoming royalty ceremonies first to avoid making the 86 gender crowd upset and then canceled the party for the kids to prove that they were serious about COVID and mandatory masking in opposition to parents wishes. The Brainerd Parents Union parents and community decided to throw their own homecoming ball at the Northern Pacific Center and a great time was had by all. Once thoroughly shamed in a conservative community, the board and administration ended up allowing a royalty and a homecoming party at the school (that nobody attended). Of course the board is masking kids cuz they are big govt leftists trying to “save us” …….from any DFL election losses.

This list is only the brutal highlights, but barely scratches the surface of the sleazy one-party union rule of Minnesota Public schools and school boards. Edina has been circling the academic suicide path of Equity-CRT for years. Minneapolis and St Paul are doomed and their academic achievement results prove it. The suburbs and many other rural districts like Alexandria, Grand Rapids, St Peter, Apple Valley-Rosemount, Eagan, all have parent conflict with the school board over many issues and will be having battles between DFL union and parent school board candidates at the polls on Nov 2.

To see which school districts have school board elections on Nov 2 and to find the parent group endorsed candidates, you can find the full list HERE. Next year will be even more school board races and we will need parent supported candidates and volunteers to help, or the crazy will continue unopposed.

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Joe Biden did the school boards dirty work and set the FBI on the parents, and we shouldn’t let him forget how we feel about that.

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They are our kids and our responsibility and nobody can change that.

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