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The following are the main three Community Standards that are cited for removing content.  We are seeing huge numbers of posts violating these three standards.  Please be a good part of the community by reporting post that violate the Community Standards to Facebook immediately. 

Any post or comment that contains hate speech – which would include calling or accusing someone of being a part of or condoning hate groups, needs to be reported.

Any post or comment that is calling for committing a crime or violation of contract, such as saying “don’t pay your rent” needs to be reported.

Any post or comment that publicizes and promotes rioting, violence, or harm, needs to be reported.

Any post or comment that threatens, proposes, supports, or condones, a violent act toward POTUS, needs to be reported.

As we really do not know the bar as to which Facebook sets for violations, I would think that erring on the side of caution would be best.  Report any post or comment that is suspected of violation and let them decide.

Facebook Hate Speech – Community Standards


Facebook Violence and Criminal Behavior – Community Standards


Facebook Coordinating Harm and Publicizing Crime

2 thoughts on “Do the Facebook Community Standards Apply Across the Board?”
  1. I tried over and over to tell the story of our National Anthem as told by Paul Harvey, considered a Democrate in his day, and FB blocked it as a lie each time posted. After having Silent Night also deleted by FB I am relungant to share great posts.
    Emily Poole

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