The Mpls DFL Is Showing Us Their Cards Now

  The recent suit of Governor Walz to attempt cancellation of the Line 3 pipeline replacement project, the immediate firing of the Commerce Commissioner by Senate confirmation rejection in reaction (with the votes of 2 vulnerable Iron Range DFL senators), and the DFL party obliviously replying with a party declaration that a mining moratorium on the Iron Range is official party policy, has brought the war of the Mpls DFL “Green New Deal” with Greater MN to the front pages. The gloves are off. The DFL has decided that the subtle tactics of having DFL proxy environmentalist non-profits sue every project and gradual implementation of never legislated regulations in the state agencies isn’t getting the job done fast enough. The impending Trump re-election, the George Floyd disaster, and subsequent riots put the socialist-wing party juice behind the Governor and the Mpls DFL to speed up the timetable for full “Green New Deal” implementation. They aren’t even trying to hide it any more, but they are hoping that a COVID “emergency” will keep you from focusing on it or connecting the dots.

This Isn’t New, Its Just More Faster

  Governor Walz and the extremists of the Mpls DFL are quickly building on the previous Obama and Dayton work to dismantle our power system and industrial energy supply, and the MPCA is working behind the scenes using EPA and homegrown regulations to start to build an infrastructure to regulate and punish every business in the state that uses or produces energy:

  1. MPCA (Minnesota Pollution Control Agency) is still implementing Obama’s “Clean Power Plan” that Trump repealed because it would deliver the rolling blackouts California is now experiencing. This means eliminating fossil fuel and nuclear power electricity generation, and none of it is required by DC or was voted on in St Paul. Walz is just doing it. The “Green New Deal” for some reason hates nuclear power and almost free hydro power from Canada. It does not allow them to be counted for carbon free energy sources. The “Green New Deal” inexplicably can only be done with solar panels and wind mills, which after the easy pickings along existing transmission line corridors with capacity, has proven to double our electric rates when the costs of the subsidies and new transmission corridors and required backup/slack power source costs are included. It is only getting more expensive compared to natural gas, hydro, or coal with each new project but ahead the govt plows. All of this happily agreed to by Xcel and the electric utilities because they simple charge you more or collect a tax subsidy paid for….by you.

2. Walz is trying to implement California electric vehicle mandates by rule making only with no vote. This pairs well with the Walz proposed 20 cent gas tax he has no intention of spending on roads, as it is intended to make gas car travel more expensive to drive consumers towards first electric cars and then transit. All of it is tied up in a nice Mpls DFL designed bow of no new highway miles anywhere near the metro, because if Walz and the Mpls DFL cant tax you out of your car the enviro-kooks they placed to run the DOT will force you to switch to transit in frustration due to forced gridlock.

3. Prior to the Mpls DFL and Walz taking off the mask and deciding to openly attack industry and blue collar Greater MN jobs, their proxy non-profit enviro-extremist groups at Clean Water Action, Land Stewardship, CEE, Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy, and many others have been busy at work attacking and suing: feedlots, coal plants, pipelines, mining, dairies, sand pit operators, gas power plants, metal recyclers, logging, and papermills. Only difference now? The Mpls DFL and Walz are partnered with them for a 1-2 punch. The non-profits sue and get court rulings, and the state will happily follow on applying the new rulings statewide as if it were legislation, and the Mpls DFL and MNGOP just let it happen. Eventually after finding no friends or safe haven in either party from the “Green New Deal” extremists the Mpls DFL will be begged by the affected industries (all of them) to codify the “Green New Deal” punishments into law with uniform schedules, rules, and taxes to alleviate legal costs and business uncertainly hindering growth, planning, and borrowing.

4. If there is one single case of the Walz and the Mpls DFL “Green New Deal” and how they are an existential threat to Greater MN is is the Daley Farms lawsuit by the Mpls DFL non-profit MCEA for “climate impact”. Yes, Daley Farms is getting sued for cows’ farts and poop gas. The scary conclusion is found in the profound affects that will be had if they win, because as they plainly state, “We need to make every new proposal in Minnesota climate-neutral, and we can do it. Every industry and all sectors of our economy…..” The full statement is HERE. The Mpls DFL is coming for everybody. Mining, pipelines, gas and coal power plants, and dairies today. EVERYBODY IN GREATER MN TOMORROW. Good luck with logging, pork and turkey feedlots, paper, sheetrock, off-road vehicles, lumber milling, ethanol, refineries, aquaculture, sugar beet processing, etc., etc., etc.

How Did the DFL Go Full Mpls DFL Whack job?

  Everybody knows the Democrat Farmer Labor party is a business, a business originally designed to use govt to help constituencies that will in turn repay the help with donations and votes to create a self-perpetuating govt paid for political circular reward machine. That formula used to contain all the private sector natural resource industries and unions (LABOR) and agriculture constituencies (Farmer) in the entire state, and the govt employees and unions that administered this full state party-govt mission. Over the last 30-40 years economic advances in productivity and economic changes either reduced the size of Greater MN industries or reduced the number of employees or farmers needed to produce the same number of products and food. The metro grew faster than Greater MN with more DFL leaning socially liberal people and the size of govt grew exponentially giving the govt unions the largest and loudest seat at the table, and in a nice side bonus they are also the people in charge of teaching all the children social standards and regulating everybody else. THE MPLS DFL HAS MADE A CALCULATED DECISION THAT THEY HAVE ENOUGH POWER AND VOTES WITHIN THE METRO, AND GOVT UNIONS STATEWIDE, THAT THEY DONT NEED GREATER MN AS A WHOLE ANYMORE. I can pinpoint the exact week of the official takeover, and marriage of

the DFL machine to the social and environmental justice ideologues in this one article HERE. Wellstone Action was set up to be the political advocacy action gathering point for all non-profits and advocacy groups related to making govt policy and action to help the underprivileged, disadvantaged, and poor, as a legacy and continuation of Paul Wellstone himself. Over a short period of time the Wellstone Action center was taken over by progressive socialist movement non-profit and advocacy groups and became the vessel to lobby, protest, sue, and train activists to be politicians to push that movement alone. They had abandoned the poor blue collar people and their plight so much that simply pointing that out by Paul Wellstone’s own children got them kicked off the board and Wellstone Action was renamed to RE:Power. Like I said, they aren’t even hiding it any more. Guess who was the first Minnesota politician elected to office that was trained by Wellstone Action/RE:Power? Governor Dictator of Minneapolis Tim Walz ring any bells? Guess who one of his “trainers” was? And later rose to Director of Training for Activism and Politics? Minnesota’s favorite Lt. Governor Peggy Flanagan. The progressive “Green New Deal” activists, the non-profit extremist social/environmental progressive orgs, the DFL, and now our state govt ARE ALL THE SAME PEOPLE.

“Rocks and Cows” Are Born

The DFL USED TO BE a full state party with interests in blue collar labor in every industry and described above are the reasons it is no longer true, but the foundations for recent public divorce were laid in the Governor’s 2017 video comments first leaked during his gubernatorial race, about Greater MN being a vast sparsely populated area of no electoral concern to his party because “it’s mostly rocks and cows”. The animus towards Governor Walz was revisited and given a new life in context with a broad republishing of the video during the peak of his implementation of Greater MN COVID business shutdowns and mask restrictions. Walz seemed to act punitively statewide to a greater extreme than any neighboring state and almost without scientific justification, but for the sake of uniformity and to justify a statewide health emergency instead of a metro health management situation. The COVID “emergency” has also been overlapped by the previously mentioned public actions to harm Greater MN in the pipeline, mining, and feedlot industries. The COVID emergency and the subsequent George Floyd riots empowered the furthest left wing of the Mpls DFL that was already the overwhelming voice within the party to take full charge of leadership, platform, policy, and agenda and speed up the timetable not only on the “social justice” agenda but the extremist economic and “environmental justice” changes demanded in the “Green New Deal”. In the span of 4-6 months the DFL went from the illusion of a statewide party to a Minneapolis socialist extreme party willing to sacrifice industry, jobs, and all of Greater MN as the cost to achieve their extreme goals. Defunding the police and mining moratoriums and dairy farm lawsuits are loud proud and out front now. It is a package deal and it’s all in the “Green New Deal” blueprint. You firehose a full state with all of that at once and people notice, thus “Rocks And Cows” is not just a slogan, it’s become a movement of people who aren’t going to stand for it any more. Widely opposed to Mpls DFL political social and cultural bullying, but primarily focused on forced economic punishment by the metro-centric “Green New Deal” full package, the Rocks and Cows have a focused source for their ire. The alternative to the Mpls DFL is the MNGOP, who Rocks And Cows know has at best has a leadership that has been asleep at the switch and at worst has been enabling or pretending to ignore the foundations for this “Green New Deal” economic boat anchor ever since Tim Pawlenty formed his first new “green energy” recommendations committee.

What Should “The Herd” Do; Now That It Sees The Rendering Truck Coming?

One man in Minnesota politics sees clearly what the Rocks and Cows see, and it happens to be the President. The “Green New Deal” is an existential threat to natural resource industries and agriculture, and he will tell you. Trump has been running a blue collar manufacturing, trade, and jobs campaign continuously for about 5 years now and has openly decried any harm resulting from the real world effects on natural resources industries and agriculture from “Green New Deal” implementations. He might be a vain. pompous, thin skinned leader with a personality that is fingernails on a chalkboard to some people, but he fights for people that will be left in the wreckage of any future or current “Green New Deal” policy implementation. He is the only person they see talking to them and for them. Jason Lewis recognized early in his campaign the DFL was the Mpls DFL and had abandoned in policy all of Greater MN leaving about 50% of the state without a voice. Jason used these facts to start a Greater MN working in towards the outer suburbs strategy. The Rocks And Cows know who is on their side and who is against them in policy. The MNGOP candidates in Greater MN not clearly identified as being against the extreme “social and environmental justice” of the Mpls DFL “Green New Deal” are benefitting from association with Trump, Lewis, and those scattering of candidates that acknowledge the problem and pledge to fight in upcoming sessions against it. The Rocks And Cows will likely put their faith in the MNGOP one last time. Not the metro-centric batch of current leaders that are still playing “green energy” and light rail footsie in the metro to win over soccer moms, but new bold leaders that will steer us away from the kook “social and environmental justice” of the Mpls DFL and chart a path of a state using its resources to provide jobs, allowing business growth unhindered by quasi political-religious impediments, conserving its environment, but unwilling to destroy dozens of towns and industries to virtue signal to Mpls DFL’s Scientology-like cult religion called the “Green New Deal”.

Out past 494/694 there is a God, and his name isn’t Biden, Trump, or Walz, and we already have a religion, and it isn’t government or a political party. If the faith put in the MNGOP candidates this cycle isn’t reflected with MNGOP legislative actions that were the intent of the votes, there wont be a MNGOP in 2 cycles. There will be a “Rocks And Cows” Party (likely by some other name) and a Mpls DFL.


The Mpls DFL “Green New Deal” extremists are here. They are an existential threat to the way of life and business futures for several million Minnesotans. The rural DFL cant do anything about it. The “Rocks And Cows” know it, and have chosen to side with the party that has a few people who see it with clear eyes. If their leadership doesn’t follow through by honoring and acting on that trust they will not be a statewide party in very short order. What the future holds? We shall have to see.

Americans for Tax Reform released a summary of the details in the proposal.

They include

  • “Upgrade or replace every building in US for state-of-the-art energy efficiency.”
  • The Green New Deal is “a 10-year plan to mobilize every aspect of American society at a scale not seen since World War 2 to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions.”
  • “Build out highspeed rail at a scale where air travel stops becoming necessary”.
  • “Ensure that all GND jobs are union jobs that pay prevailing wages and hire local.”
  • Offer “economic security” even to those “unwilling to work.”

and more.

The plan does not outline the funding mechanism to pay for the sweeping proposal but chief author Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rep. Ilhan Omar have suggested raising the income tax to 90%  and confiscated the wealth of individuals via a “wealth tax”

Democrat US. Senator Amy Klobuchar and influential Minnesota Democrat Rep. Betty McCollum both have signed on as authors to this proposal. Freshman Democrats Angie Craig and Dean Phillips have not yet distanced themselves from this proposal

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