Jay Duggan February 28, 2021

Rocks and Cows has told you repeatedly that the new DFL is the Mpls Green New Deal DFL party. The Green New Deal is a perverted combination of the climate change religion to eliminate the use of fossil fuels at all costs with no analysis of the impact or costs, and some weird desire to punish any industry or project that alters nature from its original state because it participates in the capitalist system and produces the evil PROFIT. This sick religion and it’s negative impacts fall the hardest on Greater Minnesota. “It’s mostly rocks and cows, that are in that red area” said the High Priest of the Mpls Green New Deal DFL, Dictator Walz. Out where all that red is, is Greater Minnesota. Greater Minnesota is there because it makes, grows, processes, or harvests natural products. All of that takes energy, lots of energy, and involves using the bounty of the earth to provide those products, industry, and jobs that support the counties, towns, schools, and a way of life. Those “rocks” become the steel in your car. Those “cows” are the burger you shove down your gullet or the boots on your feet. Mining, timber, paper, gypsum board, off road vehicles, wood windows, sand and gravel, ethanol, feedlots, animal processing, sugar, grain storage and milling, power generation and transportation, row crops, and the creativity of small and mid size manufacturers in little town across the state.

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(Hamburger and French bread don’t show up in the store by magic)

We have told you the DFL left labor and industry to become the incompatible Mpls Green New Deal DFL, but State Senator Tom Bakk describes it in plainer terms. TOM BAKK RAN THE DFL SENATE FOR YEARS. He was considered the leader of the party in the legislature for a couple decades after Roger Moe left. TOM LEFT THE DFL. He says blue collar labor left the DFL because the DFL left blue collar labor first. The DFL abandoned their industries because the Green New Deal people took over the party. “They showed up.” They showed up, they took over, and they are actively punishing Rocks and Cows territory.

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(Unless you can make hemp based cars and windmills we need more of this)

WHY YOU CANT DEFEND ROCKS AND COWS AND SERVE THE DFL EXPLAINED IN THE FIRST 5 MINUTES OF INTERVIEW BELOW. Tom is talking about The Range, but it applies across the whole state. Those who claim they can serve the two masters of Greater MN industry/labor AND the Mpls Green New Deal DFL are lying to you, AND THEY KNOW IT. Tom was honest with himself and his voters, HE LEFT. Tom might not be a prototypical “conservative” but he is Rocks and Cows.

(Tom Bakk explains in the 1st 5 mins how the DFL left the Rocks & Cows)

There are only a few DFL Representatives and Senators left in Rocks and Cows territory, but ask them how they can support the Mpls Green New Deal DFL and not being slowly screwing you at the same time.

Ask Representatives Paul Marquart – Norman/Clay & Detroit Lakes, Gene Pelowski – Winona County, Dave Lislegard – Viginia/Eveleth, Julie Sandstede – Hibbing/Chisholm, Rob Ecklund – International Falls/N Shore, Mike Sundin – Cloquet/Moose Lake, Shelly Christensen – Stillwater/Bayport. Senator Kent Eken – Norman/Clay & Detroit Lakes, Nick Frentz – Mankato/Nicollet County. Who do you work for and answer to? Farmers, operating engineers, ranchers, assemblers, manufacturers, processors, miners, loggers, diesel mechanics, laborers, tradesmen, iron workers, linesmen, elevator workers, truck drivers, millers? Or Minneapolis Green New Deal extremists? We know, but you ask anyways.

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