December 11, 2020

The State of Texas filed suit directly to the US Supreme Court against Wisconsin, Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Michigan for using lawsuits and Secretary of State orders to change many of the voting regulations used in their states’ Presidential Elections. The US Constitution states federal elections are to be held with rules set by the state legislatures. Texas claims elections in these states were not conducted accordingly, thus diluting their electoral vote. Texas is asking the US Supreme Court to invalidate election rules not approved by legislatures, and have each of the accused states decide their Presidential electoral votes in their state legislatures. The US Supreme Court has agreed to take initial filings from all parties. The total electoral votes of the states being sued by Texas are enough to decide the Presidential victor.

Because Minnesota also had their election rules changed specifically against the will of the legislature by the Secretary of State Steve Simon many Minnesota Republican legislators have asked the Attorney General of Texas, Ken Paxton, to add Minnesota to the list of states being sued so that the US Supreme Court would have to review the constitutionality of the Minnesota election rules changes. in conjunction with the other states accused of using unconstitutional rules.

The MNGOP Party apparatus under Chair Jennifer Carnahan has consistently refused to fight the cheat by mail rules installed unilaterally by Steve Simon. The Minnesota Senate and House Republican caucuses also have refused to spend time and money as full caucuses to defend their right to make election law, so the effort to fight has fallen to several consistently conservative members of the House and Senate (including the New House Republican Caucus) to make the request for Texas to sue Minnesota to get a chance to have our cheat by mail rules overturned in the US Supreme Court.

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  1. While as a Minnesotan – Inget it; and yes im pissed about our S of State……I dont understand why OUR ELECTED REPUBLICANS have to ask someone else to sue us? Why aren’t our elected republicans filling our own action?

  2. I agree 100%
    Minnesota has 87 Counties
    Of which 14 were established as BLUE/BIDEN
    and 73 were established as RED/TRUMP
    The state was ceremoniously handed to BIDEN??
    Proof is in the HotDish
    And here in Minnesota we are mighty peculiar
    On that.
    Other wise its just yesterdays forgotten Lutefisk left out.
    A big stink!

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