Jay Duggan. January 04, 2022

The Minnesota School Board Association, the association that supports and educates school board members and is a wholly owned political subsidiary of the DFL and teachers union, just send out notice to their member elected school board officials statewide. The notice is instructions on how to start readying for mandatory jabs for all teachers and staff in their respective districts. The second interesting piece of information is acknowledgement that King Walz’s Minnesota OSHA department is prepared and chomping at the bit to enforce and fine jab for compliance at all school districts and private sector employers.

Not shocking enough for you? Randi Weingarten, the president of the national teachers union AFT, has stated on the record and in multiple TV interviews she wants mandatory jabs for ALL STUDENTS NATIONWIDE as a requirement to attend school, just like Governor Hair Gel did in California.

You can read the full Yahoo https://finance.yahoo.com/news/atf-president-backs-covid-19-vaccine-mandates-for-students-says-it-offers-a-silver-lining-150319905.html?.tsrc=fin-srch

All Minnesota parents across Rocks & Cows Country should know who she is. After being lied to all summer of 2021 that the kids would not be in masks come school start, Randi Weingarten went on CNN as the voice of the teachers union nationwide and demanded Biden go from masks optional to strongly recommended and required for shool attendance. Like good little puppets the CDC promptly posted a half baked and debunked masks work study from India and changed the recommendations on school masking and even removed guidelines on removing the mask mandates. King Walz and the entire DFL machine promptly got the message and reversed an entire summer of lying about no masks and fell in line and ordered their DFL minor leaguers in school boards across MN to reverse course and start masking the kids with no evidence or need. That’s all it took. The union said jump and the Democrat bureaucrats national, state, and local said how high.

ITS HAPPENING AGAIN. Despite mountains of evidence that kids are not in danger from or spread COVID, and the jab’s documented inability to even slow the spread of COVID, the teachers are demanding jabs be required just like the measles shot (which has a 50yr track record, little risk, AND WORKS). This will happen unless the US Supreme Court not only strikes it down but denies all levels of govt the ability to mandate the jab.

To confirm this train is rolling, president of Education MN state teachers union Denise Specht is posting fear for the set-up of the same Minnesota public demand as Randi Weingarten.

While typing this it is breaking news reported to us by education insiders that the Minnesota School Board Association has severed ties with the National School Board Association over the FBI-Biden-school board targeting of parents as domestic terrorists. Dont be distracted. This is months too late, especially for an association that was likely in the know all along. Cutting loose some no-cost political dead weight months after the rest of the country already has doesn’t change who they are and what the DFL wants to do. None of this is surprising, and only confirms what we suspected when the Hibbing School Board Chair got caught lying about masks AND wanting a mandatory student jab.

Will your elected state representatives/senators let this stand? Will your school board implement either staff or student jab mandates? Now would be the time to get them on the record, and ask.

UPDATE – MSBA confirms break w/NSBA

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