Jay Duggan March 03, 2021

We are ONE YEAR into the dictatorial rule of The Flannel Idiot. The shutdowns and business restrictions were originally predicted to cost the state a $1.2 billion tax revenue loss, putting MN in a hole. It would have been the perfect opportunity for the MNGOP Senate to buckle down and hold some summer special session hearings on cutting the known government waste, and maybe even cut some unnecessary projects from a bloated bonding bill. Instead the MNGOP Senate put their heads in the sand and opened the bank vaulted doors and buried every DFL project requested, and few they probably didn’t even want and threw in for negotiation purposes, with $2 billion in bonding money.

Walz know’s a gullible sucker when he sees one, and the MNGOP Senate doesn’t even know it’s them. Walz asked for $1.2 billion in tax hikes this year when he heard about the deficit. Dictator Potato Head asked for the moon to virtue signal to all his special sub-categories of “victim” voters and he continues to ask for the $1.2 billion in tax hikes on tobacco, vaping, upper incomes, corporate income, gasoline, etc, etc, etc, etc, despite the flood of ONE TIME SUGAR HIGH OF FEDERAL COVID CHECKS, GRANTS AND LOANS flowing down to the state and causing a projected $1.6 billion SURPLUS.

(pretty sure that’s an exact quote.)

Why is The Flannel Idiot still pushing for the massive tax hikes even after the deficit went from $1.2 billion to a $1.6 billion surplus? Punishing and taxing anybody who works for a living and employs others is the DFL’s happiness. Walz also made some ridiculous promises to make everything “free” for anybody not named Johnson and white to make reparations for Minnesota being such a racist hell hole. “Free” everything costs lots of money. Realistically Dictator Potato Head knows none of the tax hikes were ever going to pass the Republican Senate, because even the most jelly spine Republican can’t vote for a tax increase. IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN SIMPLY REJECTED AS A DISCUSSION THAT WILL NEVER EVEN HAPPEN PERIOD and then moved on. But no. Team Stupid is pretending this is the rock they will hold their ground on. Walz will push, push, and push some more. After all the pushing and the Republican Senate having made ZERO EFFORT on passing bills on tax cuts, agency accountability, regulation removal, gun rights, or clean energy cost-benefit analysis GAZELKA AND WALZ WILL SIT DOWN WITH ONLY A LIST OF DFL WANTS THAT ADD UP TO THE $1.6 BILLION SURPLUS AND SOME OF THE $2 BILLION RAINY DAY FUND. THE WORST NEGOTIATORS ON THE PLANET WILL GIVE WALZ, IN EXCHANGE FOR TAX HIKES THAT WERE NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN, $1.6 BILLION IN SPENDING FOR A SLEW OF STUPID SH#T AND INSTUTTIONIALIZING HIS POLICY. The Senate will leave the “negotiations” and run to the Facebook cameras or news podium and declare no tax hikes, the 10% budget hike, and the $10 left in the rainy day fund is a victory. Final end of session omnibus negotiations will result in ZERO tax cuts, agency accountability, regulation removal, gun rights advances, cost-benefit analysis for any of the green energy crap that falls right to your utility bill.

In my anticipated outcome the DFL will get everything they want. except for the new “free” everything programs. Total victory for Walz. He gets everything he really wants, every illegal regulation he jammed thru gets funded and institutionalized, and the progressive whack jobs will still have the carrot of “free” everything to rally the kook faithful to volunteer and vote in the 2022 election cycle.

Its like pulling teeth from these people to just get them to pass bills with their own conservative promises that would actually harm the rural DFL if they ever have to go on the record for the people back home. I hope I am wrong, but I see the Republican Senate falling into the Great Potato Head bait and switch, AND WE ARE GOING TO PAY FOR IT FOREVER.

THE LONGER THE SENATE SPENDS TALKING ABOUT NOT PASSING TAX CUTS YOU KNOW WE ARE SCREWED. When they start passing bills of TAX CUTS, or gun rights, or regulation revocations, you know there is a chance we don’t go into a omnibus end-of-session negotiation that is just talks about how much Walz gets beyond the surplus to commit us to FOREVER.

I’m in a bad mood about the complete lack of Republican short, mid, or long term political positioning and negotiation. I will fight for the conservative ideals and conservatives in office even if the people in leadership won’t , and we won’t know the result of my prediction until the mid-May session finish. SUBSCRIBE to read it first and find out if I was right.

Demand the Senate Fires Jan Malcolm! Sign the Petition!

Fire Jan Malcolm Now!

We demand Minnesota Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka and the rest of the Senate Republicans fire Commissioner Jan Malcolm now!

Jan Malcolm has continuously supported Governor Walz’s tyrannical emergency powers. The time has come to fire her, and promote a replacement who will help end the shutdowns and illegal emergency powers.

We demand Paul Gazelka and the rest of the Senate Republican stand up for the people and small businesses of Minnesota!

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