The chain reaction that started when Minnesota GOP Chairwoman Jennifer Carnahan’s podcast co-host Tony Lazzaro was taken into FBI custody Thursday on charges for child sex trafficking. Is now starting to come to a head. Highlighting the failures caused by the leadership of the Minnesota GOP.

Rocks and Cows of Minnesota has been well aware of these failures of the Minnesota GOP leadership. Which lead us to support for Mark Koran for GOP Chair. During that support we heard several rumors (unrelated to the sex crimes) about actions like miss use of GOP funds, inappropriate use of non-disclosure agreements, and other rude and despicable acts. One of which is proven by the leaked phone call contained in the thread below.

However, at the time of hearing these rumors and allegations we did not publish or discuss further because of lack of proof. However, the proof is now coming in. We expect more to come to light in the coming days. We encourage the party leadership to demand Chairwoman Carnahan resigns and that a complete audit of the MNGOP’s contracts, finances and actions is completed. So that we can confidently restore the Minnesota GOP and our great state.

Below is a thread from Rebecca Brannon

Below is a statement and call for Carnahans resignation from the New House Republican Caucus and Jeremy Munson.