Minneapolis metro area has hundreds of National Guard troops deployed for civil unrest and are being joined by local and out of state law enforcement. They are stationed in widely spread areas but only hab=ve one central food and PX location.

A unit commander asked for some items for his soldiers in from rural MN that pull 12+ hr shifts on their feet and dont get back to the PX regular.

IF YOU CANT SHOP FOR ITEMS OR BE AT ANY OF THE DROP OFFS YOU CAN DONATE HERE. We will use funds raised to get items on the list in the most need.

Top nutrition/hydration requests:

*Meat sticks/beef jerky smaller sizes and larger sizes
*Nut packs
*Energy bars
*Reese peanut butter cups
*Energy drinks (Monster, Red Bull, etc)
*pre mixed protein drinks
*mini travel size toiletry items including: tooth paste, shaving cream, deodorant, monkey-butt powder, shampoo
***Marlboro smokes, Grizzly/Kodiak wintergreen longcut, and Redman

  • Dr Scholls work/sport boot/shoe inserts that trim to fit
  • Bath cleaning wipes

  1. Where are drop off sites?
    I have a bunch of stuff I would love to donate to help.
    Thank you for doing this

  2. Friday 4/23 12-2pm
    Maple Grove Lowe’s store
    Guard will pickup supplies there approx 2:30pm.
    Look for the flags in the rear of the parking lot.

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