So the first debate is in the books, done, shut the door.  So where do we go from here?

         This is just the take of a Rocks and Cows outlander, a forgotten vote in a state run by a few cities and counties that struggle to represent what true, Midwestern values stand for and what hard working Minnesotans want and need from their future.

         First, to the President.  President Trump was certainly coming in loaded up for this thing.  He was working on many of his tremendous accomplishments and firing on all eight cylinders.  My only wish was that he would have timed his break ins on Creepy Joe a little better.  He had the lines, he had the facts, and he had the composure, most of the time.

         The reason I would have loved to see him as more of a sniper than a B-52 bomber was that the press has been preparing for this debate by calling President Trump a bully ahead of time.  They were prepared for Joe to suffer under the tremendous weight of the facts and buckle to using statements like “that was really a productive segment, wasn’t it?” and “would you shut up?”

         My feeling is that, in the next several weeks, President Trump needs to be more like a Navy SEAL then that nuke.  Joe Biden will collapse upon himself.  Every time he uses the word “man” he is one step from tripping over his tongue.  Patience will win the day.

         As far as Biden goes, he was remarkably coherent.  You have to wonder if it is rest and practice or drugs.  When I say this, I come from a time not long removed when I watched the strongest man I ever met be broken down by the ravages of a stroke and the onset of either dementia or Alzheimer’s.  That man was my dad, and he could tell a story from his childhood with every fact intact but couldn’t identify objects or people by name.  I have seen that look in Biden’s face, that look of disgust, knowing that people could see right through you.  My father had that look, and I also remember him telling me when I was a child that, after visiting his father in the home, that he had just watched the strongest man he ever knew be spoon-fed his supper, unable to feed himself.  So when I talk about Biden and his mental condition, I think I am a pretty good judge of the situation.  When you see that look in a loved one’s eyes you never forget it.  The saddest part is that he has people around him that refuse to pull him out and let him rest.  He is a prop to get a democrat in office, no more, no less.

         Biden refused to answer the question about increasing the number of Supreme Court Justices to stack the court.  When asked what he would have done during Corona he deflected.  On another tough question about getting democratic mayors to stop the carnage of BLM and Antifa he merely said that he is not an elected official and if he was it would be different.  For most of the questions his answer was standard, “he doesn’t have a plan” or “you don’t know what you are talking about.

         At the end of the day, I don’t know if this made a huge difference.  I certainly hope that it is the beginning of a huge difference.  Let’s face it, those that hate our President hate him so much that they don’t care if he was running against a puppet, not a figurative one, a literal puppet.

         Now there is talk of being happy with this one debate.  They know that Joe is weak and squeaked by.  They know it could go really bad in the future.  I certainly need to see more.

         As for all of us, we are the quiet ones, the silent majority.  We are not the ones trashing cities or blocking traffic or burning our Flag.  The one thing I do know for sure is simple; we cannot be silent for the next several weeks.  Pay attention, watch the debates, educate yourselves and be ready to talk.  Don’t argue, don’t scream, do your best to be calm.  But be ready to answer real questions from people that could swing to our side.

         Do all you can within the parameters of your life.

         Be well, Be Safe, Be Proud!