Jay Duggan February 02, 2021

Line 3 by Enbridge is an oil pipeline REPLACEMENT for an existing Northern Minnesota pipeline in decay and operating at partial capacity to insure safety. Line 3 replacement plans were started years ago. Routing and safety plans were updated and changed many times to navigate and satisfy the permitting process. The replacement permit process was started and nearly done before Walz became governor and supported and authorized by President Trump’s administration. Against the objections of his progressive base Walz allowed the final permits to be authorized and Line 3 started construction November 30, 2020.

Safer cleaner and cheaper than rail transport – Line 3

With the election of Joe Biden to President, and his Day 1 executive order to kill the Keystone XL pipeline project, the Mpls DFL climate cult sees a political opening to revisit Line 3 pipeline approvals. None other than Ilhan Omar went to Line 3 to add new life to the never ending protest and demand it be killed by state or federal executive action.

The climate cult does not accept the final ruling of the government process when it conflicts with the religion. A full contingent of Mpls DFL high priests made the same trip as Ilhan Omar, and even wrote an editorial trying to demand the executive kill it. The kooks even had the nerve to once again spew the unproven and always wrong prediction that the world only has 10 years to survive if we don’t kill all fossil fuel use immediately.

No matter how many times the Mpls DFL says they care about “working people” it comes across as less than believable when they go to the Line 3 project area and didn’t even bother to talk with any of the “working people” building the Line 3 replacement.

Enbridge is going to spend $2.9 billion and hire over 4000 union workers to build the pipeline but all the kooks talk about is a 10 year deadline for climate disaster that they have been repeating and getting wrong for over 25 years. So where is Rep. Mike Sundin from Cloquet on the whole dispute? The pipeline runs right through the heart of his district in Carlton County, hundreds of his union constituents work on the project, Enbridge is pouring money into the county like water, and school districts and local governments will gain millions in tax revenue for years. Is Mike speaking up against his Mpls DFL masters? Sticking up for Carlton County to insure this crazy talk goes nowhere? Of course he isn’t. They haven’t given him permission. Mike doesn’t speak or vote unless the Mpls DFL writes it down for him. Mike is another prime example how the Mpls DFL and their puppets no longer represent people that live outside of the metro or the Duluth city limits.

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