Jay Duggan. April 06, 2021

Rocks and Cows has kept you in the loop on the crazy going on in Red Wing. The first dose we discovered last fall and disclosed was the City Council declaring public gatherings of 10 or more outdoors a crime, per Dictator Walz “emergency” orders. They had instructed their police to warn and then ticket, fine, and disperse gatherings of people they disagreed with politically. Not to long after that we discovered this was just a symptom of the crazy. The CIty Council, led by BLM Becky Norton, had made a paid Policy Advisory Team of all the local BLM and “defund the police” protesters led by a city paid LosAngeles BLM activist, to make recommendations to the City Council on how to root out the “systemic racism” in town. The Council immediately started riding the police about their “systemic racism” and in short order came to loggerheads with the long time Police Chief AND FIRED HIM FOR NOT BEGGING TO BE CLEANSED OF IMAGINARY RACISM. This action kicked of the first pushback by citizens that started mulling City Council recall petitions.

“Systemic racism” McCarthy meetings with secret deliberations, calling city police officers that didn’t want to participate in the witch hunt racist, firing the Police Chief, and reissuing notice again this spring that outdoor gatherings of people they politically disagree is criminal without a permit, WASN’T ENOUGH FOR A CITY COUNCIL UNDER THREAT OF RECALL. The Red Wing Human Rights Commission, with the rubber stamp of City Council, DECLARED RACISM A PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY in Red Wing.

But just when you thought you have heard all the crazy dumbest things a group could do to make a City a laughing stock? LAST YEAR CITY COUNCIL MADE IT A CRIME FOR PARENTS TO SEND A CHILD TO COUNSELING FOR GENDER DISPHORIA AND TRYING TO TALK THEM OUT OF A SEX CHANGE OR DANGEROUS HORMONE BLOCKING THERAPY. Yep, the whack jobs criminalized “conversion therapy” counseling, which in the day and age of 99 genders dontcha know, means a parent hiring help to trying to talk a minor child out of dangerous hormone therapy or life altering surgeries IS A CRIME IN RED WING. Everybody should have known the crazy was coming. When the City decides which counseling a parent can get for a child you’ve got problems. Red Wing has been asking for crazy since the new Council was elected.

Pile on top a million dollar pedestrian bridge to nowhere, a few anticipated tax increases, and black shirts patrolling the streets to insure everybody is carrying their Little Red Book by Mao Tse Walz (this one is my only exagerration) and taken altogether you’ve got a full kook show for a City Council in Red Wing.

THERE HAS BEEN A RESPONSE BY GOOD CITIZENS TO THE CRAZY IN RED WING – The Committee to Recall City Hall has been established. An expert attorney has been retained. Brochures have been distributed, and lawn signs are being posted. They report petitions are about to be circulated, and door knocking will begin. If the Committee is to be successful, their campaign needs both volunteers and and donors. Getting the signatures of 20% of Red Wing’s registered voters TO FORCE RECALL ELECTIONS OF CITY COUNCIL will be a daunting task, and they will need volunteers to assist.  
The Committee to Recall City Hall is soliciting donations, volunteers, and fielding questions at the contact info. For those wanting to help the Committee checks made out to The Committee to Recall City Hall can be sent by mail. P.O. Box 527, Red Wing, MN 55066.  If you have questions the Committee has established (651) 388-4651. The Committee has also gone on social media with a Facebook page at, Recall City Hall.

  1. BLM Becky Norton will force the city to hire an attorney to defend her malfeasance of holding secret deliberations with the Policy Advisory Team in contravention of open meeting laws. Bank on it. The kooks won’t let petitions circulate without a fight.

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