Jay Duggan March 07, 2021

Why would MNGOP House members make it possible for the Progressive “equity” activists of the Mpls DFL to sue the state and put Walz and Dayton appointed judges in charge of education taxes and funding allocation?

Some MNGOP Representatives are sponsoring HF874 (The Page Amendment) . Maybe you should ask them why they can’t do their job and fix education accountability and waste in regular session and instead choose to put the courts in charge of education funding, taxes, and allocation.

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(HF 874 is just a taxpayer shakedown)

The Page Amendment asks for a constitutional amendment to go on the ballot. The proposed ballot language for the state constitution DELETES the state providing “…a general and uniform system of public schools……thorough and efficient system..” and ADDS “all children have a fundamental right to a quality public education and that quality public schools are a paramount duty of the state.”

These knuckleheads want to change the state’s duty to insure and fund AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY and replace it with a STATE MANDATED “RIGHT” WITH A GUARANTEED “QUALITY” OUTCOME. The progressives will sue forever.

How do we know the Progressive “equity” activists will sue forever? The Republican author, Ron Kresha, told Rocksandcows.org that this amendment is a desperate try to break an impasse and A FAILURE TO GET LEGISLATIVE FIXES DUE TO REPEATED DFL BLOCKAGE OF EDUCATION AUDITS AND ACCOUNTABILITY MEASURES. Imagine that, the Republicans can’t get the DFL machine to hold their biggest cash donor accountable. Does it then surprise you the DFL machine, Speaker Hortmann, and Education Minnesota OPPOSE this bill also BECAUSE IF THE PROGRESSIVES GET THE COURTS TO DECIDE EDUCATION FUNDING AND ALLOCATION the DFL and Education MN can’t control the spending thru their legislature deals. Last political tell is Rep. John Thompson, Attorney General Keith Ellison, and THE CONSERVATIVE HATING BIG TAX HIKE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE support the bill. Lastly, the non-profit lobbying org set up to support HF874, Our Children MN, SAY RIGHT IN THEIR PRESS RELEASE THEY WILL SUE. So if the DFL and the MNGOP stalemate in session, or refuse to deliver the progressive version of “quality” for “equity” fixes in the inner cities what do you think HF874 supporter Keith Ellison will do? Fight against a new “right” and “quality” level he wanted in the first place? I have a bridge to sell you if you believe he defends the legislature’s right to fix the problem.

If you think I am exaggerating that statute or constitutional language like this will get us sued and/or taxed by the “equity” activists ask the people of Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Kentucky, New York, and California. DID THE LEGISLATURE FORGET KEITH ELLISON ROLLED OVER FOR HIS PROGRESSIVE BUDDIES AND LET JUDGE “AMY KLOBUCHAR PUPPET” CHANGE OUR ELECTION LAW? In case you didn’t notice Walz has been calling the whole state “institutionally racist” for a year solid, the progressives are excusing the burning of Minneapolis cuz white privilege, and they even want to defund the police. THE PROGRESSIVES ARE IN CHARGE OF THE DFL BASE. Of course we will get sued, taxed, and sued and taxed again after the first round fails to deliver results. Rinse and repeat.

Trying to make education a state guaranteed outcome product centralized in St Paul with a likelihood Walz-Dayton judges could get control over what should be a local and state legislature run system is about as un-conservative and anti-small government as you can get.


Rep. Ron Kresha (Little Falls) [email protected] 651-296-4247

Rep. Sondra Erickson  (Kanabec, Sherburne, Mille Lacs counties) [email protected] 651-296-6746

Rep. Tama Theis (Stearns County) [email protected] 651-296-6316

Rep. Barb Haley (Goodhue County) [email protected] 651–296-8635

Rep. Joe Schomacker (Rock, Lincoln, Murray, Pipestone, part Lyons/Noble counties) [email protected] 651-296-5505

Rep. Jon Koznick  Lakeville) [email protected] 651-296-6926

Rep. Peggy Bennett (Freeborn, County) [email protected] 651-296-8216

Rep. Tony Albright (Scott County) [email protected] 651-296-5185

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GET INVOLVED if you want to form a local group or participate in volunteer efforts to fight and replace the Minneapolis-owned progressives of the DFL and the MNGOP that think the government’s job is to punish Greater Minnesota and steal your money and send more power to St Paul.


  1. Anybody have these ppl as their state reps? What is their response to spring this garbage? Let me know

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