A Debate Between Polar Opposites

Wow!  Um, I am close to speechless.  Don’t kid yourselves, this debate is, very possibly, much more contentious then the Presidential Candidate Debate.

         In one corner you have Vice President Mike Pence.  He has had his break ins on his opponent here and there.  For the most part, the Vice President has been polished, professional, and very well prepared.  Rarely was he shaken.

         In the other corner is Kamala Harris and, don’t kid yourselves here either, is the President in the Wings.  Her wanna be boss, Joe Biden, is just a figurehead that is running on the left’s hatred of Donald Trump.  He is everything that is wrong in American politics and Kamala is inside the Trojan Horse.

         I can certainly irritate some of the people that I know that are in to politics.  You see, I can fully support a politician and a party but also be willing to point out what I feel are the shortcomings of my party and ideology.  I believe that blindly following the left or the right puts you in the position to be a part of the problem.  In the Presidential Debate I felt that President Trump let Joe Biden off the hook several times by breaking in on him, not allowing him to hang himself.  I feel that we need to be able to admit our side’s shortcomings if we are going to attack our adversary’s downfalls.

         So back to Pence/Harris.

         For the most part, Mike Pence used facts to make his points.  He showed Harris to be much less intelligent than she tries to sucker us in to believe.  His strongest move was to push her in to a corner about stacking the Supreme Court.  She certainly dodged that question.  In the end, Pence was quite boring if you were looking for entertainment.  He kicked her butt with the facts without looking staged.  Mike Pence is a rock star, even in the face of Kamala Harris and the press.

         On to Kamala Harris.  I saw a lot of her that I didn’t realize existed.  I figured that she was an arrogant head case, but tonight she was off the cuff!

         One thing I know for sure is that she was absolutely polished and must have spent HOURS in the mirror, practicing her facial expressions and actions.  I wish I had recorded this mess, because I would like to see if one of her motions could be tied to anything.  Kamala had a couple of moves in her bag.  One was the “tuck my hair seductively behind my left ear” and the other was a condescending smirk on her face when Pence was pinning her down.  I also noticed that there was one moment when she was NOT prepared for.  Mike Pence brought the truth about Kayla Mueller in to the debate and, when allowed to respond, Harris couldn’t look anywhere near the camera that she knew was her mark.  She panicked at that point.

         As I said earlier, Mike Pence did break in on her time during several moments.  (Noting that Harris was no less respectful)  Kamala had a practiced line in this one.  “Mr. Vice President, I am speaking!”  When using this line, she was certainly not respectful in any way, shape, or form.  Her line was just, um, bitchy…..

         At the end of the day we have to look at this honestly.  We need a strong conservative movement to boil to the surface and explode in the face of the liberals.  Kamala Harris is not a candidate for Vice President of the United States of America.  If they win, she will be President very soon.  Joe Biden is nothing but a figurehead in the land of liberal hate. 

         It is time for the Rocks and Cows to stand up and be heard across this nation!  The thought of President Harris had better motivate the hell out of you!!