Minnesota Sheriffs have among the most difficult jobs and the most comprehensive set of  responsibilities, duties, and dangers of all officeholders in the state.  In these trying times there are new questions about the constitutional rights, duties, responsibilities of the office that have not had to be examined before, since we have never had a time with 11 months of continuous executive 1 man rule in our state and such pressures from the executive branch to commandeer action from your office. is assisting to advertise and invite sheriffs, law enforcement leaders, and the general public to an evening of food, talk, Q&A, and entertainment centered around the Sheriff and their constitutional rights, duties, and experiences of other sheriffs in this trying time of executive rule. How the sheriff can stay in better contact with their citizens and how those citizens could be made aware of effective ways to support their constitutionally responsible sheriff.

  The event is January 29th, Friday, in Lynd MN (just south of Marshall in Lyon County). It is hoped that you could make time to attend, or coordinate with another professional within your circle that might be able to attend in your stead and inform you of the information made available and/or get answers to questions you have for any of the talk topics.

  Retired Sheriff Richard Mack of will be speaking on the constitutional issues mentioned above. He has experience and proven success in asserting the constitutional rights of the office of sheriff and citizens vs governors and the feds. His organization has dozens of members that have or are dealing with the same executive administration pressures and demands we face here in Minnesota. He will cover the full gambit in his talk, and make time for as much Q&A as attendees want.

  Sam Bushman is a radio and media professional that will also speak. He has experience in showing sheriffs how to use all media forms to connect directly with citizens (such as livefeed like Shf. Fletcher), and use social and traditional media to get the citizens involved and committed to the office and its mission to protect people’s rights and safety.

The event is hosted by Larvita McFarquhar’s Havens Garden restaurant at E 106 Railroad St Lynd MN, doors open at 5pm, talks from 6-8pm with breaks between, and live music after. Food is available for order, mask orders will be posted, and all seating in the establishment is arranged in compliance with social distancing requirements.

  If you return an RSVP to me I would alert the host to insure the speakers have an idea how much time to dedicate to delivering personal information or time directly to the professional attendees.

  Thank you for the job you do for the citizens of our state, and thank you for considering this invitation. Our state has a lack of clarity, honor, and duty in elected office but we are lucky as citizens to have such dedicated sheriffs.


Jay Duggan