Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, and Whoa!!!!

         I know that 2020 has been a minefield.  It has been like walking barefoot and blind folded through an over used dog park where no one picks up after their dog, AND it is the Wednesday after taco Tuesday.  But now this one?


         On Monday, November 9th, less than a week after the Presidential election where Joe Biden and his ilk used the Corona Virus like a battering ram all year, the next shoe fell.

         Pfizer Inc. announced Monday morning that it had a vaccine that was 90% effective against the Corona virus and it was ready to apply for emergency use approval with the United States Food and Drug Administration.

         Obviously that is great news, but the timing just plain stinks.  Before the election, when the President talked of a vaccine he was repeatedly called a fool for spreading false hope and not taking the virus serious enough.  Before the election, the thought of even developing a vaccine any time in the next several months was held as over optimism; no company out there was even close.  Before the election, Dr. Fauci and others spoke of the horrible winter season on the horizon and at least another six months or more after that before we could dream of life after the virus.

         But today, less than a week after that election, the stock market soared on the news, though Zoom and many other companies that supply in home tools such as home workout equipment dropped substantially.  There was talk of things returning to (as close to) normal by the spring.  And this has been dubbed a miracle.

         Dr. Fauci, who had been a harsh critic of the President and demanded draconian measures most of the time told the AP that the vaccine was “just extraordinary” and that “It’s going to have a major impact on everything we do with respect to COVID”.  Dr. Bruce Aylward from the World Health Organization, an organization called on the carpet repeatedly by President Trump stated that the vaccine will “fundamentally change the direction of the crisis”.

         People will call the timing a coincidence and call any question of the timing a conspiracy.  Without putting on my tin foil hat I will suggest that there is absolutely no way this was just a coincidence.  Pfizer did not work with the United States Government and many other drug manufactures or participate in Operation Warp Speed.  They spent their own money to develop the vaccine, which will keep Uncle Sam out of it and, more than likely, see Pfizer cash in.  Now they certainly deserve to profit, but I could see them really cashing in on this crisis.  President Trump has spoken against Big Pharma, working to substantially lower the cost of insulin and also find ways to make everyday Americans prescription drug needs much more affordable.  So do you think Pfizer had an axe to grind?

         Dr. Fauci and the President have clashed for months during the pandemic.  As it became obvious that no one really knew which road to take in fighting the virus the clashes intensified.  As for the World Health Organization, they, too, were questioned.  More pieces to this puzzle emerge.

         In many places across the globe, the pandemic has been used by some in a position of power to make that power greater.  Look at our own governor.  Tim Walz has repeatedly flexed this political muscle by reinstating his emergency powers every month and, from what I have heard, more statewide lockdowns may be coming very soon.

         Fear is also power.  In the beginning of this mess, normally stable people panicked and horded things like every cleaning supply under the sun and toilet paper.  Nobody had said anything about vicious diarrhea being a part of the ‘rona, but we still cleaned out the shelves.

         Fear is a political weapon.  Any rallies that the President held were super spreader events.  They were irresponsible people who cared not for anyone other than their own selfish freedoms.  Americans that desired to attend Church were seen as terrible human beings. Meanwhile, the massive protests throughout the summer and the Biden celebrations on Saturday were never questioned as super spreader events.

         The press and the democrats have played this crisis to the greatest advantage for their own selfish desires.  They placed the nation at great risk through both this crisis and the mass protests.  Thinking for a moment that this timing was a coincidence seems to me as being very naïve.  I honestly don’t believe that there is much of anything that the liberals would not do to win.

         One more thought as I mulled this over all day; the timing of this release was not only held to hurt President Trump, but it was also meant to stick a finger in his eye.  The success of this vaccine didn’t just pop up on Sunday, like they claim.  Many people were complicate in their desire to hurt Donald Trump.