Jay Duggan April 04, 2021

Minnesota is the “State of Hockey” and among the names in high school hockey that have stood out for decades are Hermantown and Hill-Murray. Hermantown and Hill-Murray found out the hard way that even the state religious event, The Minnesota State Hockey Tournament, isn’t immune to Governor Walz’s special brand of COVID stupid and hypocrisy. Despite the fact not a single school age kid (4-19yrs) in the state has succumbed to the WuFlu, Governor Potato Head thru his puppets at the MSHSL (MN State High School League) sports authority, has been punishing youth athletes with mask during play, reduced family and community in the stands, and a crazy 14 days quarantine with no option to test clear, and this time the athletes to get punished were from Hermantown and Hill-Murray high schools.

Hermantown and Hill-Murray hockey both were alerted that a team they had played a week or more before had a player with a positive test. Both teams were instructed to quarantine for 14 days, which was in both cases only 1 or 2 days past the date to start the first game of the state tournament. The MSHSL and the MN Dept of Health would not allow a negative test of all players to shorten the quarantine. When Governor Potato Head was supposedly exposed to the China Virus a few weeks back HE ONLY HAD TO QUARANTINE FOR 10 DAYS. If the tests are accurate enough to sideline a whole hockey team and everybody they were in the same building with for the last week, it should be good enough to be able to FOLLOW CDC GUIDELINES TO QUARATINE ONLY 10 DAYS AND BE ABLE TO TEST NEGATIVE AFTER 5-7 DAYS. Nope. 14 days for the kids, and only 10 days for Governor Potato Head.

Hill-Murray sued and asked a judge to either let the kids test negative and play or reschedule the game, AND DICTATOR WALZ AND THE DREGS THAT RUN THE MSHSL OPPOSED THEM IN COURT. THE DFL LAPDOG JUDGE AGREED W/WALZ AND SCREWED THE KIDS. Hill-Murray forfeited their first game against Wayzata and are out of the tournament. Hermantown rounded up JV kids that weren’t on the ice prior and had no COVID conflicts to play the first round, and despite heroic efforts by the kids they lost to unseeded Dodge County in the first game and are out.

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(I’ve got a good idea what the hockey players would like to do to Walz and the MSHSL)

The hockey kids weren’t the only kids to get the shaft by Governor Walz this year. Teams and kids have been shortchanged all year in many sports and games in his mission to instill COVID fear and maintain his emergency powers. Every state around Minnesota is open and has long since stopped punishing their kids, but coming up on a year it appears Dictator Walz and the sadists that run the MSHSL have decided it will never be over and have even instructed outdoor baseball and lacrosse kids to be masked at all times during play and group practice.

The DFL party enjoys this. It helps maintain their power. The Republican leaders are cowards and allow this youth punishment to continue without so much as a hearing, subpoenas, or firing of the offending commissioners. They are too busy drafting mattress recycling bills and finding new ways to give your tax and utility bill money away to solar field operators. If you want action and change you need to GET INVOLVED and start a local group (organizer) or attend a local group (volunteer), and hold the spineless at all levels accountable.


I think a good well placed kick would give him an ever better look. Every bumper needs ONE OF THESE.

  1. Not one family should allow their children to be forced to wear masks any where at any time Its a crime to mandate masks during sports and practice why are we complying with his power hungry disrespectful of what the people want tyranny?. Walz has put our state our children and our lives in danger with his illegal mandates. We need to remove him once and for all walz and all the other left wack jobs is just not what Minnesota needs. Canada’s leaders got caught accepting huge bribes to close Canada and mandate idiotic rules. Who is paying Walz to destroy Mn? How does a man who makes $150,000 a year suddenly become worth 400 million dollars? Is that the money Walz is being bribed with? Is walz being paid kickbacks to destroy Minnesota? Where did the hundreds of millions come from? Did we elect Walz? How is someone who is so bad for MN still in power? Why won’t they listen to the people of Mn whom do not want walz as their governor? The mandates for children and anyone else are all violations of the Nuremberg code 6 section 3. Masks on children is child abuse, and masks during workouts or game is criminal. Yet our own reps who we pay refuse to respect the voice of Minnesotans when we say we want him gone we have put out countless petitions and he won’t go away.

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