Jay Duggan July 22, 2021

Joe Biden brazenly lied to The Iron Range and The North when he made campaign trips last fall promising to promote and help mining in The North. What is left of the rural DFL (including Ely mayoral candidate Heidi Omerza) lined up to lick his boots and endorse him and repeat the Biden lies about supporting mining. Then just months after getting elected Biden DID EXACTLY WHAT EVERYBODY WITH THEIR HEAD OUT OF THEIR KEISTER ALREADY KNEW WOULD HAPPEN, he announced America would build his green pipe dream with NO new American mining and NO American union workers, instead using foreign metals.

Sleazy Joe then promptly appointed a natural resource job hating Deb Haaland to be Interior Secretary, canceled lease auctions for natural resource extraction on federal land, nominated an eco-terrorist to run Bureau of Land Management, and pushed the EPA into drafting an updated version the Waters of the USA plan and implementing a review of mercury standards on iron mines.

But this wasn’t enough. The Canadian border was originally closed for over a year by the Canadian boy king idiot, destroying the 2020 tourist and cross border consumer sales businesses for tens of millions in losses across The North. The Canadian boy king finally relented and allowed an open border in July, but the to the horror of The North the Moron-In-Chief Biden decided the shutdown must be extended into August and beyond guaranteeing a second failed year of full tourist and trade business in Grand Portage, I Falls, Baudette, Warroad, all across the northern border, and in the Northwest Angle. Our friends in Michigan and North Dakota also got screwed, but this is just another knife in the back from a man that claims to be “Lunch Bucket Joe” and “Mr Blue Collar”.

Joe Biden and the Democrats think we are stupid. The southern border is wide open and ONE MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS UNSCREENED FOR COVID WILL CROSS THE SOUTHERN BORDER THE YEAR, but they have closed The North for business at the Canadian Border. I wont say Joe used COVID as an excuse to close the Canadian border, because its not even a good lie. Its an insult and just another display of what Democrats and Biden really think about The North and The Iron Range.

No matter how hard Biden and the Democrats try to turn The North and the Iron Range into a meth addled land of unemployed welfare recipients dependent on their handouts, THE ROCKS & COWS ACROSS THE NORTH WILL REFUSE TO BEND THE KNEE!

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